CHONBURI: This is the 39th series of exercises between the militaries of the United States and Thailand and will see 4,500 American personnel deployed in training operations which are aimed at strengthening security in the region on land and sea.

The US Navy and Marine Corps arrived in Thailand on Saturday to prepare for the annual Cobra exercises which will take place from February 25th to March 6th next.

The Commanding officer of the USS America and USS Green Bay Colonel Robert Brodie and Captain Luke Frost of the USS America are welcomed in Laem Chabang by Captain Arpa Chapanon of the Royal Thai Navy on Saturday.

The Cobra Gold exercises are essentially a series of scenarios and training programmes in which the armed forces of both countries engage in a range of military war games.

This year will see 4,500 American armed forces personnel engaged in the operation in Thailand both on land and sea.

Two US ships arrived on Saturday

On Saturday, two ships from the US Expeditionary Strike Group, the USS America and USS Green Bay arrived in Thailand with the USS America docking at Laem Chabang while the USS Green Bay, a docking landing ship, was moored at Chuck Samet pier.

The commanding officers, Colonel Robert Brodie of the USS Green Bay and Captain Luke Frost of the USS America were both welcomed by Royal Thai Navy Captain Arpa Chapanon who presented them with garlands.

Varied and extensive programme for 2020

The military exercises this year include command post-training, humanitarian assistance and field training scenarios.

The Cobra Gold programme is designed to enhance relationships between the US and Thai armed forces in terms of conducting joint missions together and also forging personal relationships.

Cobra Gold will help strengthen ties between the US and Thai armed forces, enhance maritime security in the region and help prepare both services to conduct joint humanitarian missions.

The events over the next week will also include recreational trips as well as a sports day and events designed to strengthen community relations.

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