PHUKET: 48-year old David Mitchell refused an invitation to a local hospital after receiving first aid but thanked those who had rescued him from his 8-hour ordeal without water.

A 48-year-old American was rescued on Monday afternoon near a Phuket beach after his leisurely stroll in paradise turned into terror when he suddenly realised he could not find his way home in the searing heat and had no water.

Medics give first aid to American 48-year old David Micthell following his rescue yesterday near Nai Thon beach after he got lost for 8 hours without drinking water.

An American tourist was rescued by police and emergency services late on Monday afternoon after getting lost in a forest off Nai Thon beach in the Thalang area of Phuket.

Responders to the incident were police and staff from the Sirinart National Park which encompasses the beach and surrounding areas.

American’s smartphone gave police his location

The alarm was raised when the tourist, named as 48-year-old David Raymond Mitchell, telephoned a police hotline on 1155 at 3 pm saying that he was lost.

Police were guided to the area after they consulted with local fishermen. They had retrieved the American’s location information from his smartphone.

Man rescued after 8 hours without water

Two teams were dispatched to locate and rescue the American who was found in the scenic area after 8 hours without drinking water.

The man appeared exhausted and disorientated and was given immediate medical attention. Mr Mitchell, however, declined an invitation to attend at a local hospital from medics at the scene.

The American was profuse in his thanks to the emergency responders, police and officials who had come to his assistance.

Personal excursion to the beauty spot began on Monday morning in Patong with a bus  trip to the area

The tourist was staying at a hotel on Patong Beach in Phuket and had taken the excursion to the beauty spot, declared a national park in 1981, on Monday morning arriving there by bus.

He explained to rescuers that a long, relaxed walk along the beautiful beach had led to him losing his bearings and subsequently not being able to find a way back.

It is believed that the American ventured into the unspoilt forest areas surrounding the beach which are a protected area because of their beauty.

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