40-year-old mother revealed that both and her husband believe that the killer must have known the locality as police disclose that 5 people have already been questioned in relation to the murder of 3-year-old Orawan Wongsricha. 

Thai police have questioned five people in connection with the murder of a 3-year-old girl whose body was found last Thursday. This weekend, her mother, 40-year-old Sawitri Wongsricha, said that both she and her husband believe that a local person was responsible for the death of their little girl who, it is understood, had been strangled to death.

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The parents of 3-year-old Orawan Wongsricha have been told by police that they are awaiting an autopsy and that 5 people have already been questioned regarding the murder of their little girl in the Dong Luang district of Mukdahan province last week.

Thai police in the Dong Luang district of Mukdahan province are making progress in their investigation into the murder of a 3-year-old little girl found on Thursday in Phu Pha Noi forest.

Orawan Wongsricha was found in bushes in the forested area and it is believed that she was strangled.

She had gone missing from her home 4 days previously on the 10th of May and had been the subject of a massive search after her parents alerted authorities.

Police revisit supposed murder scene to search for DNA evidence in connection with the disturbing case

Police are understood to have returned to the scene where the young girl was found and where she is believed to have been murdered searching for DNA clues this week.

The 3-year old’s clothes were found some metres from her body.

Her parents have been told by police that they are awaiting an autopsy into the death of little Orawan also known as ‘Nong Chompoo’ and a forensic examination to determine if the little girl was sexually assaulted before she died.

Mother and father believe that killer must have been a local who knew and was confident of the forest paths

This weekend, the girl’s mother, 40-year-old Sawitri Wongsricha and her husband told reporters that they believe that their daughter was killed by someone who is a local to their village. 

This is because it appears that the killer knew the paths and ways into the forest area and was not afraid.

Girl died at least 8 hours before the body was found last Thursday after 4 days missing and a frantic search

Police have divulged that the girl had died at least 8 hours before her body was discovered on Thursday last, the 14th May and a murder investigation begun.

This followed a frantic search after the alarm was raised on Sunday the 10th of May.

Police sources suggest that up to five people have been questioned in connection with the disappearance and murder of Orawan but the mother of the victim has no idea who police may suspect of murdering her little girl, at this point.

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