34-year-old son Ratish Sachathamakul went kayaking while his parents later emerged from their bedroom looking for the pool area. When the younger man returned, he also headed to the swimming pool where he found his father, 59-year-old Mr Ratesh and raised the alarm. The body of his 55-year-old mother was only found later when rescue services arrived at the scene.

On Tuesday, new details emerged as police investigated the death of a wealthy billionaire industrialist and his wife on Ko Tao last Friday. A member of staff told police he heard four to five cries of someone in shock approximately 10 minutes before the businessman’s son arrived at the scene and summoned help. It also emerged that the businessman was alive but unconscious when staff arrived at the pool and it was only later the body of his wife was discovered at the deeper end, floating in the water. 

shocked-cries-in-ko-tao-death of billionaire-wife
Senior police from Provincial Police Region 8 and Surat Thani gathered at the Jamahkiri Resort & Spa on Tuesday to carry out a reconstruction and simulation of events of last Friday afternoon when a wealthy Thai Indian industrialist, 59-year-old Rakeshwar Sachathamakul, was found unconscious in the swimming pool and his wife was found dead later by emergency services after the couple’s 34-year-old son Ratish raised the alarm when he arrived back after going out kayaking.

Police on Tuesday intensified their review into the case of the deaths of the Thai Indian industrialist and his wife who died on Friday last at a luxury hotel resort on Ko Tao island in Surat Thani province.

Top brass in Bangkok order a deeper probe into the deaths of a business tycoon and his wife on Ko Tao

It was announced on Monday that the Deputy National Police Commissioner Police Major General Jiraphop Phuridech had ordered the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) to take part in a thorough review of the case.

Top police commanders in Surat Thani and the region arrive on Ko Tao to get to the bottom of the case

On Tuesday, it was reported that Police Major General Satit Polpinit, the commander of Surat Thani Provincial Police had joined the investigation on the island which has been led from the outset by Police Colonel Kriangkrai Kraikaew and his deputy, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thanawat Sukkata.

They were joined on the island by the commander of Provincial Police Region 8, Police Lieutenant General Kitirath Punpetch and his staff who also travelled to the island on Tuesday to take part in a review of the case.

Full reconstruction and simulation of events at the luxury hotel resort last Friday afternoon

This included a full reconstruction and simulation of events as they occurred on Friday afternoon last when 34-year-old Ratish Sachathamakul called out for help and staff at the hotel responded to the pool area where they found the Thai Indian tycoon lying on his back in a state of unconsciousness.

New details on the case emerged on Tuesday.

Collected at the original hotel booked by the family on Ko Tao by the driver of the new hotel at 11 am

59-year-old Mr Rakeshwar Sachathamakul and his wife Anchoo were collected from a hotel that they had originally booked on the island but had rejected, by the driver for the Jamahkiri Resort & Spa, Mr Peerathorn Chantao. He picked the party up at approximately 11 am.

Tragic deaths of Thai Indian tycoon and his wife after checking into luxurious Ko Tao island resort

It is understood the Sachathamakuls had booked accommodation with the other hotel on the island through an online booking app but on arrival, it was found that the hotel accommodation was too small and it was engaged in construction work. 

Mr Ratish, the couple’s son, decided to find an alternative place to stay.

Businessman and his wife enjoyed a bottle of beer together before moving into their room at 12.17 pm

Mr Peerathorn told police that when the party arrived at the new hotel, Mr Ratesh and his wife Anchoo sat outside and drank a bottle of beer each while they ordered food to be delivered to their room.

The couple took possession of their room at 12.17 pm according to sources.

Hotel staff next heard from Mr Ratish who booked a kayak at reception where he left his bag and smartphone. 

The couple approached reception after Mr Ratish, their son, had gone kayaking looking for the swimming pool and were directed there

Afterwards, his mother and father approached reception and asked staff to point them in the direction of the hotel’s swimming pool. They were directed there by Mr Samruam Chonsub, a member of staff at the hotel.

Sometime after this, Mr Ratish arrived back at reception and handed back the kayak in exchange for his phone and bag. He also asked staff for directions to the swimming pool and was directed there.

Staff member heard four to five cries in a man’s voice which suggested a state of shock but did not know where it came from until the alarm was raised

According to what police have ascertained so far, at 3.49 pm, a member of staff, Mr Irada Jaiman, said he heard a man’s voice crying out in shock. He said he heard the cry four or five times in a row.

He turned around but saw no one and did not respond.

However, at 4.01 pm or 12 minutes later, he heard another shout and saw Mr Ratish near the swimming pool calling out for help.

59-year-old businessman found in the pool lying on his back and taken out by staff members

Mr Irada said he saw the 59-year-old businessman lying on his back at the steps of the swimming pool when he arrived there. He was quickly taken out by another one of the hotel staff who quickly joined him.

They summoned the local emergency rescue service and also contacted a doctor at Ko Tao Hospital to get instructions on how to treat Mr Rakeshwar.

They were directed to use first aid and to use a CPR heart pump by the medical professional by phone.

Later Mr Ratish, the couple’s son, asked after his mother and staff discovered her body at the other end

At that point, Mr Ratish asked the staff if they had any idea where his 55-year-old mother was, which led some of the hotel staff to notice the body of Ms Anchoo floating in the water at the edge of the deeper side of the swimming pool.

Rescuers who had arrived at the scene then retrieved the body of Ms Anchoo which was taken to the local hospital with her husband who died shortly afterwards.

Police continue to gather evidence while they also await the post mortem results from the Police General Hospital in Bangkok due in one to two weeks

Police Lieutenant General Keitterat has said that, right now, police are focused on pulling together and collecting as much evidence as possible as they continue to review and investigate the case.

The bodies of the top businessman and his wife have been sent to Police General Hospital in Bangkok for a full autopsy with a result expected in one to two weeks.

Businessman with a net worth of ฿1 billion

Mr Rakesh was a wealthy industrialist, hotel and property owner in the kingdom.

According to reports, he had a net worth in excess of ฿1 billion including ownership of the firm Wireform A.N. (Thailand) Co. which operates two industrial plants in Rayong and Prachin Buri linked with the auto industry and the production of plastic moulds and springs.

He also owned the 5 star Novotel Phuket Hotel near Kamala Beach on the tourist island as well as substantial property holdings in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok.

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