32-year-old Olga Frolova’s body was found on Sunday. Police are waiting on an autopsy and trying to determine if the case is one of murder. She was last seen by her husband on May 25th when she left the couple’s son with him and said she would return later that day. The pair had separated two months previously when Olga had moved out with another man. Her husband told police that she had already commenced divorce proceedings.

Police officers on Ko Samui in Surat Thani province are investigating the death of a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman whose decomposing body was discovered last Sunday by locals on the island. Her estranged husband had reported her missing to Bophut police on May 25th after last seeing her alive four days previously.

Details of an investigation on Ko Samui being undertaken there by Bophut police were given on Monday by the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok and its spokesman Police Colonel Krishna Pattanacharoen (centre left). It follows the discovery of what is thought to be the body of 32-year-old Olga Frolova (right) in a forest area on Sunday by local people. Her husband, 40-year-old Dimas Frolova (bottom inset), reported her missing to Bophut police station on May 29th last and has identified the body as that of his estranged younger wife from the clothing she was wearing.

Thai police officers on Ko Samui are waiting for the results of an autopsy on the body of a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman discovered last Sunday in a forested area.

Bophut police led by Captain Suphot Khao Khwan were alerted to the body on Sunday by a 47-year-old hotel worker, Uthen Ruangnon, who told police that he first noticed the woman’s body last Friday.

Found by local hotel employee searching for mushrooms in a forested area near coconut trees

Mr Uthen had been searching for mushrooms in the forest when he detected a foul odour and went to investigate an area with a trench cut and filled with water near a coconut grove.

He noticed what looked like a human leg sticking out from the undergrowth as the body was heavily camouflaged.

Reporting the matter at home to his wife, he returned with a group of people on Sunday to discover the rotting body of what appeared to be a woman lying on her back in the forested area.

Police later revealed that the decomposition was so advanced that some bones were visible 

Senior police called to the scene and an investigation commenced on the body before it was removed to Ko Samui Hospital for an autopsy to be carried out

Police later arrived at the scene including senior officers on the island and a rescue unit to remove the body from its location to Ko Samui Hospital for an autopsy after police had carried out a forensic examination.

Police have named the woman as 32-year-old Ms Olga Frolova who is the wife of 40-year-old Dimas Frolova, a freelance photographer.

The couple were recently estranged but had been married for twelve years and had lived on the beautiful island in Surat Thani province for five of those years.

Ukrainian reported his estranged wife as a missing person on May 29th last after waiting 4 days

Mr Dimas had reported his wife as a missing person on May 29th last after first checking with a local restaurant where she was known and other friends.

He told police that his wife had met another man, a foreigner also in Thailand, over the course of the last year.

He said that, two months ago, Ms Olga had left him for the other man and taken the couple’s son with her. She also had commenced legal proceedings with a lawyer seeking a divorce.

On May 25th, as had become a habit, she visited him and left their son with him saying she would be back later that day to collect him.

She did not return but Mr Dimas left it until May 29th before filing the missing person report with Bophut Police Station.

Identified his wife from the clothes she was wearing the last time he saw her on May 25th last

He was able to identify her body from the clothes she was wearing, which were identical to how she was dressed on May 25th, the last occasion on which he saw her. 

This included a black top, navy shorts and a grey, Ferrari branded, knapsack.

Initial police forensics identified that the woman had been dead for between 15 and 17 days.

Waiting on autopsy and examining CCTV footage

On Monday in Bangkok, Police Colonel Krishna Pattanacharoen of the Royal Thai Police revealed details of the case. 

It is understood that police are awaiting the results of the autopsy to ascertain how the woman died. They are also looking at CCTV footage to trace her last movements.

They have first to determine whether her death was accidental or murder.

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