Spurned man had left an hour before after imploring his estranged girlfriend, who was previously married to a foreigner outside Thailand, to resume their relationship. He returned in a stolen Royal Forestry Service pickup and a firearm also taken without permission from the force, to wreak havoc on her home during which her 20-year-old son was fatally gunned down.

Police in Buriram, on Sunday, were granted an arrest warrant for a veteran forest ranger who violently attacked his estranged girlfriend’s home in the early hours of the morning and killed her 20-year-old son as he emerged from his bedroom in response to the fracas. 45-year-old Pitpiroon Pirapop had earlier threatened to kill  37-year old Kanya Anthaisong and her family when she refused, point-blank, his plea to resume a relationship with him which had broken down months ago. He accused the woman of seeking a new relationship with a foreigner.

37-year old Kanya Anthaisong, on Sunday, as she explained her ordeal in the early hours of Sunday morning during which her 20-year-old son lost his life as he emerged from his bedroom during a gun attack on the house by 45-year-old veteran Forestry service employee, Pitpiroon Pirapop (left), who used a stolen shotgun to terrorise the woman and her family as he shot repeatedly into the house with one round hitting her 20-year-old son in the face, killing him instantly.

Police and forestry officials in Buriram were hunting down a senior forest guard on Sunday after he carried out a violent early morning attack on the home of his former girlfriend in which her 20-year-old son was fatally shot.

It is reported that 45-year-old Pitpiroon Pirapop is a forestry team leader at Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary located in the Non Din Daeng district of the province in lower northeastern Thailand.

Police responded to the violent incident at a home early on Sunday morning with one fatality reported

The shocking incident was reported to Pakham Police Station at 2 am on Sunday morning where details were taken by Police Lieutenant Colonel Apisak Saengdao who was told of the attack and that one person lay dead at the scene, a private one-story home in a village in the Pakham District, to the Southwest of the province.

The policeman immediately dispatched a rescue foundation crew to the home as well as the doctor on duty at Pakham Hospital and led the police response.

Lovesick man reacted furiously after his relationship with the homeowner which hit the rocks months ago, could not be resurrected after a late-night visit

The motivation for the attack appears to have been a failed attempt by the assailant, Mr Pitpiroon, to resume his relationship with the owner of the house, 37-year-old Ms Kanya Anthaisong who told police officers that hours before the attack, she had rebuffed her ex-lover’s attempt at reconciliation.

It is reported that Ms Kanya was at her house early on Sunday morning in the company of her new boyfriend named by police as 44-year-old Sura Kraison and her sons from a previous relationship.

She told police that she had developed an intimate relationship with Mr Pitpiroon approximately two years ago.

However, she said the relationship was fraught with difficulty and had ended about two months ago after she concluded that things were not working out.

Differences in personal habits and attitudes

She indicated that there was a difference in personal habits and attitudes to life.

She revealed that this had culminated in her blocking her former lover online several times.

She explained to the police that before she took up with Mr Pitpiroon, she had been married to a foreigner who would only visit Thailand perhaps once a year.

She indicated that, before Sunday morning’s attack, her former boyfriend had accused her of seeking to find a new or foreign relationship partner.

Irate man returned in a forest service pickup and went on his violent rampage with a state-owned shotgun

She said that approximately one hour before the attack, the forest guard had arrived on a motorbike and implored her to reconcile with him.

When she refused, he became aggressive and threatened to kill her and her family.

‘You want to break up with me so you want to go get it again, right? Then you die, I’m going to kill you all,’ she recalled him shouting at her as he made his departure.

At first, she had dismissed the threat as bravado but became highly concerned when he arrived back in a pickup truck owned by the Royal Forestry Department and opened the door of the vehicle.

She said she immediately saw he had a gun inside.

Began shooting rounds from the weapon methodically into the house causing damage and chaos inside

Mr Pitpiroon then climbed over the fence at the front of the house and put a round in the shotgun he was carrying.

Ms Kanya said he then began firing at the house continuously, one shot at a time. He was shouting that everyone inside should run away with foreigners.

She told reporters that her sick mother was in the home along with her sons who were in different rooms.

The gunfire entering the house caused a commotion as items were blasted and debris scattered everywhere inside.

20-year-old son emerged from his room responding to the commotion, he was shot in the face by the man

One of her sons, 20-year-old Nathapong Anthaisong, had earlier spoken to her ex-boyfriend and threatened to fight the older man if he continued to intimidate his mother.

However, as he emerged from his bedroom on Sunday morning, he was shot in the face and died instantly.

The distraught mother said the murder of her young son was an unforgivable act by the crazed man, her former lover.

Later police heard from Mr Somchuan Raksat the head of the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary who revealed that the attacker had been responsible for the theft of a royal gun and vehicle from the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary station where he was a senior and trusted employee.

Manhunt with arrest warrant for premeditated murder, attempted murder, trespass and illegal firearms use in the course of the deadly attack

Police obtained an arrest warrant for the man from Nang Rong Provincial Court on charges of premeditated murder, attempted murder, trespass at night and a range of firearms offences including the illegal use of a weapon.

A hunting party of 50 police from Pakham and Non Din Daeng district police stations together with forestry officials and rangers were involved in tracking down the murder suspect on Sunday.

Another official with the Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary, Mr Angkhan Rojanabundhit, recalled that Mr Pitpiroon had worked as a Forestry Ranger for 26 years. 

He told reporters that the man had never been violent, was quiet and only drank alcohol occasionally.

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