Israeli Ambassador launches Tuk Tuk campaign in Bangkok, urging the release of all hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. The 100-vehicle initiative aims to keep the issue in public consciousness. Additionally, it emphasises the enduring bond between Israel and Thailand.

Thailand’s Foreign Minister has assured the public of an ongoing effort to release Thai hostages still being held prisoner by terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. The comments by Parnpree Bahiddha-Nu-Kara came days before an Israeli-sponsored campaign launched on Friday in Bangkok. The Tuk Tuk messaging campaign aims to remind the public about the plight of the innocent people being held by the group.

Foreign Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nu-Kara on Monday assured the public that the plight of eight Thai hostages held by terror group Hamas in Gaza is not being forgotten. On Friday, the Israeli Ambassador to Thailand, Ms Orna Sagiv, was at hand as a 3 week Tuk Tuk publicity campaign was launched to remind the public about the remaining hostages still in captivity.

This week, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Parnpree Bahiddha-Nu-Kara assured the public Thailand remains resolute in its mission to secure the release of eight of its citizens held hostage in Gaza. 

Panpree, was a crucial figure in the rescue operation, because of his high-level diplomacy with Arab countries. At length, these countries have influence with the terror group Hamas.

Minister appeared confident about the Gaza hostage situation. He assured reporters officials were still pushing forward steadfastly towards their release

Hamas is being hunted down in Gaza by Israel. This has raised concern for the safety of the remaining hostages. However, Thai authorities, at present, appear quite optimistic.

Presently, the Iranian-sponsored outfit is being ruthlessly pursued by Israeli forces in southern Gaza. Particularly so in the battered city of Khan Younis.

On Monday, Mr Parnpree, however, was confident about the well-being of the captives. He told reporters he was steadfastly pushing forward with efforts to secure their release.

Hopes that 25 Thai hostages held by Hamas in Gaza may be freed in the next 10 days in ceasefire

The situation began with the hostages’ location shrouded in mystery. Subsequently, Thai authorities have made significant strides in communicating with Hamas and its clandestine networks. 

Brutal and intensive war in Gaza has, according to Hamas, precluded them from releasing more hostages as conditions on the ground are not safe for them 

Israeli authorities, in tandem, continue with their lethal military operations to crush and annihilate Hamas and its fighters. 

The harrowing war in Gaza continues.

Because of this, Hamas has raised concerns about the safety of the hostages even if released. Therefore, no new hostages have been freed since the recent ceasefire ended.

In brief, a number of Israeli hostages were killed by their forces after the ceasefire ended. 

However, the statement given by Hamas is disingenuous since they had no right to take hostages in the first place. Nor did they have any right to continue to detain captives after the first ceasefire.

In essence, the hostages are being used as political leverage by Hamas in a cynical manner.

Recent reports from Israeli authorities, however, provide a glimmer of hope.

Hopes exist that all the hostages are still alive

In brief, they confirmed the discovery of two Thai hostages and the identification card of another.

Afterwards, this has fueled a belief that at least three captives are still alive. However, the fate of the remaining five hostages remains unknown. Meanwhile, there is still optimism about their continued survival.

There was a remarkable show of solidarity and a call for immediate action last Friday by the Israeli embassy in Bangkok. In short, it launched a unique tuk-tuk banner campaign on the streets of the capital.

The campaign coincided with the 100th day of the hostages’ captivity. It aims to keep the issue in the public consciousness and calls for their swift release. One hundred tuk-tuks, adorned with banners featuring the faces, names, and ages of various hostages.

Israeli Ambassador in Bangkok Orna Sagiv helps launch a high-profile visibility campaign in Bangkok using the city’s famous Tuk Tuks. ‘Bring them home’

The signature vehicles associated with Bangkok will circulate major city streets for three weeks. They will display a poignant message in Thai and English: ‘Bring Them Home.’

Orna Sagiv, the Israeli ambassador, emphasised the enduring bond between Israel and Thailand. Certainly, she emphasised the shared experience of both nations having citizens held hostage in the ongoing conflict. 

The campaign is part of a global initiative organised by Israeli embassies worldwide. It urges governments, including Thailand, to lend their support to the cause and collaborate for the safe return of the hostages.

Addressing concerns about potential pressure on the Thai Government due to the campaign, Ambassador Sagiv underlined the unprecedentedly brutal nature of Hamas’ actions.

Ambassador appeared to speak openly on Friday in Bangkok: ‘We need to remind ourselves every morning that we have to bring these people back home safe.’

At the same time, she expressed uncertainty about the appropriate course of action. Nevertheless, she conveyed confidence in the Thai government’s dedication to resolving the situation.

‘We want to ask every government, including Thailand, to help us calling for their return,’ Ms Sagiv said. ‘What Hamas has done has never happened before. What Israel is trying to do is to remind the world not to forget what has happened in the past 100 days. We need to remind ourselves every morning that we have to bring these people back home safely. I honestly do not know what we should do. There’s no guideline for that. But I know that the Thai government is also trying everything they can to better the situation.’

This tuk-tuk campaign follows earlier initiatives. Previously, there was the symbolic act of floating 165 bread krathongs in the colours of the Thai flag during the Loy Krathong festival in November. 

Ongoing support campaign by the Israeli ambassador who in December visited Udon Thani to assure families of Thais who were victims of Hamas on October 7th

In December, Ambassador Sagiv, accompanied by Israeli Consul Eli Eliyahu Sneh, visited the families of 11 Thai victims in Udon Thani. At the same time, she conveyed condolences and assured them of Israel’s unwavering support.

121 hostages, including 23 Thai nationals, were released in November. Formerly the conflict saw 39 innocent Thais murdered on October 7th.

That was the infamous day when Hamas unleashed a wave of terror on an unsuspecting population in southern Israel. Over 1,200 were murdered with countless women hideously raped and killed.

As the diplomatic efforts persist, the global campaign seeks to raise awareness and garner further international support.

In essence, it emphasises the urgent need for the immediate release of the remaining hostages.

It underlines the importance of diplomatic collaboration and international unity to address the still challenging and sensitive hostage situation.

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