Terrifying drama unfolded on Thai AirAsia flight FD3188 to Nakhon Si Thammarat as a power bank burst into flames mid-air. Quick action by trained crew and passengers averted a possible disaster. Authorities to probe the incident. Safety warnings issued for air travellers.

A Thai Air Asia flight to Nakhon Si Thammarat province on Saturday was subject to a scary mid-flight drama when a fire erupted in the cabin. Luckily, a well-trained cabin crew assisted by passengers managed to extinguish the blaze in a matter of minutes. Afterwards, it was revealed that the cause was a smartphone power bank placed in a passenger seat pouch which had exploded into flames. The plane, with a full load of 186 passengers, later landed safely in the southern province.

Picture from inside the cabin on Saturday morning as anxious passengers looked on. This was after the emergency was brought under control. A phone power bank burst into flames on the 15th row of the cabin. Afterwards Thai Air Asia issued a statement praising its cabin crew and passengers for dealing smartly with the problem.

Passengers and crew of Thai Air Asia flight FD3188 from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat faced a harrowing mid-air ordeal on Saturday.

The in-cabin fright happened when a power bank exploded, triggering smoke and flames.

Quick action by passengers and crew averted disaster. At length, the fire was extinguished within two minutes.

News reporter on the flight gave a first-hand account of the shock. Lieutenant Colonel Sayan Samri also called for care with electrical devices on planes

Lieutenant Colonel Sayan Srimai, a passenger and journalist, later attributed the incident to a cheap power bank unit for a smartphone.

In short, he emphasised the importance of using quality power banks to prevent such incidents. 

Air Asia, in a written statement, commended the swift response of passengers and crew. The airline used the occasion to remind travellers to ensure that batteries meet safety standards. 

Despite the scare, all passengers landed safely at their destination.

Air Asia flight FD3188 with a full load took off at 7.20 am from Don Mueang Airport for Nakhon Si Thammarat

The morning of February 24, 2024, began like any other for the passengers of Thai Air Asia flight FD3188. Departing from Don Mueang Airport at 7:20 a.m.

The flight was bound for Nakhon Si Thammarat. It was carrying a full complement of 186 passengers. 

This included Lieutenant Colonel Sayan Srimai, a reporter for the popular Daily News tabloid in Thailand.

The reporter, who is also a member of the Nakhon Si Thammarat Press Association, was accompanied by his wife.

Approximately 30 minutes into the flight, chaos erupted in the cabin as smoke and flames suddenly appeared.

This was in the 15th row of the aircraft. Lieutenant Colonel Sayan, seated nearby, witnessed the alarming scene firsthand.

‘There was smoke and fire in the middle of the cabin, seat number 15, which was directly in front of the reporters,’ he recalled.

No panic aboard as passengers worked with crew

Despite the panic and confusion among passengers, a coordinated effort ensued to tackle the blaze.

Passengers and crew worked together efficiently. Within two minutes, they managed to extinguish the fire, averting a potential disaster.

The Daily News reporter was profuse in his praise for the Air Asia cabin crew and their prompt response. He disclosed: ‘The excellent crew took only 2 minutes to extinguish the fire.’

Following the incident, a thorough inspection of the affected area was carried out.

It revealed minor burn marks on the cushion where the power bank exploded. Further investigation identified the passenger who owned the power bank.

He explained that he and his family, comprising 7-8 individuals, were travelling to Nakhon Si Thammarat on a three-day trip. 

Family on a three-day trip to the southern province placed the electrical device in the pouch of a passenger seat when the plane left Don Mueang Airport

The power bank was placed in the back seat of the person sitting in front when it suddenly caught fire.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported among passengers or crew.

Lieutenant Colonel Sayan urged travellers to exercise caution, especially when using electronic devices during air travel.

In response to the incident, AirAsia in its statement, acknowledged the disruption caused by the power bank explosion.

The airline reassured the public that all 186 passengers aboard flight FD3188 were safe and unharmed. Air Asia praised the flight attendants and credited their training in emergency procedures.

Furthermore, the airline reminded passengers to adhere to safety regulations regarding electronic devices and spare batteries. Travellers were advised to check their batteries before boarding and to carry them only as carry-on items. 

In particular, Air Asia emphasised that checked baggage was not to be used to store spare batteries.

The airline emphasised the importance of compliance with safety protocols to ensure the well-being of all passengers and crew.

Full enquiry into the incident awaited. This is the latest in a series of in-flight incidents on planes departing Thai airports since February 7th last

A civil aviation investigation into the power bank explosion incident will ensue. Authorities are expected to review safety protocols and regulations to prevent similar incidents in the future. 

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with electronic devices during air travel. 

The mid-air scare comes weeks after a Thai Airways flight was aborted on take off in Chiang Mai.

The incident on February 7th occurred when a Canadian passenger managed to open a plane door.

63-year-old German died before his wife when blood erupted from his nose and mouth in mid-air flight
Deranged Canadian opened out airplane passenger door as it readied for takeoff at Chiang Mai International Airport

Subsequently, there was another disturbing incident on a Lufthansa plane which departed Suvarnabhumi Airport on February 8th. The flight had to turn around after one and a half hours in the air. 

A 63-year-old German passenger began coughing up blood in violent streams. The man, who was visibly ill when he boarded the flight, ultimately died from the catastrophic attack.

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