Canadian’s shocking action halts takeoff. Chaos at Chiang Mai Airport as a crazed passenger managed to open the plane door during takeoff. Arrested and charged after causing a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok to be aborted and disrupting 13 other flights.

A deranged Canadian national disrupted runway operations at Chiang Mai International Airport on Wednesday night when he managed to open a plane door as it was preparing for takeoff. The incident occurred on a Thai Airways flight from the northern city to Bangkok. The man was later overpowered by flight staff and taken into custody by police.

Scenes in the aftermath of the dramatic incident at Chiang Mai International Airport on Wednesday night. The airport runway was back in action after less than two hours. This was thanks to the work of quick thinking officials and Thai Airways technicians.

A Canadian of Chinese origin faces charges after being detained on Wednesday night. The man triggered a onboard emergency on a Thai Airways International (THAI) flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

Wong Sai Heung, 40, precipitated chaos by opening an emergency door. In turn, this deployed the inflatable evacuation slide during taxiing for takeoff at Chiang Mai airport.

Sudden movement inadvertently led to the exit slide being deployed. Flight was aborted and the passengers aboard disembarked to wait for another plane

Eyewitnesses recounted harrowing moments just before the scheduled 9.05 pm departure.

Sai Heung hastily accessed the front emergency door. The sudden movement inadvertently activated the exit slide. 

The Airbus A320 aircraft, servicing flight TG121, ground to a halt. Afterwards, all passengers were forced to disembark and return to the airport terminal.

Fellow passenger assisted cabin crew in overpowering the crazed Canadian of Chinese descent who felt he was being threatened by someone on the plane

It is understood prompt intervention by a fellow passenger and vigilant flight attendants helped subdue Sai Heung.

The crazed man purportedly claimed he felt threatened by a potential assailant.

Later, passengers endured delays as they waited to board a replacement flight departing Chiang Mai at 12.34 am.

After that, Bhubingrajanivej Police Station swiftly took action. Officers charged Sai Heung with endangering others and flouting directives from pilots and cabin crew.

The culprit acknowledged his wrongdoing and admitted to the charges.

Airport runway reopened less than 2 hours later

Chiang Mai airport authorities, alongside THAI technicians, in short order dealt with the aftermath of Sai Heung’s actions. 

At length, it necessitated the removal of the deployed slide.

Subsequently, operations at the airport and runways resumed after the aircraft was relocated to a parking bay. The General Manager of Chiang Mai International Airport, Ronnakorn Chalermsanyakorn, praised Thai Airways staff.

The airport runway was reported operational again by 10.50 pm.

In effect, the disruption at Chiang Mai International Airport was subsequently felt across 13 flights.

It impacted 2,296 passengers, including those diverted or held up on circling planes.

Thai Airways, in a reassuring statement, confirmed the safety of all passengers and crew aboard the affected flight.

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