German tourist sexually assaulted by a Phuket motorcycle taxi driver in the early hours of Monday morning. The victim jumped to safety. Perpetrator arrested by police in the eastern part of the holiday town.

A motosai driver from Nakhon Si Thammarat working in Phuket was arrested by police on Monday for molesting a German tourist hours earlier. The German had hired the driver to take her to her hotel. However, she soon found herself being seriously sexually assaulted on the motorbike as it drove across the centre of Phuket. Such was the nature of the attack that the woman jumped off the motorbike sustaining injuries.

Phuket police on Monday morning after they raided a property in the Eastern part of Phuket City. There, they arrested 18-year-old Mr Phongpat Klaithongkam for the assault of a German tourist just hours earlier.

On February 26, 2024, Phuket Police, along with tourist police, conducted a raid on a rented house in the city. Officers apprehended a young man working as a motorcycle taxi for hire.

The suspect was identified as 18-year-old Mr Phongpat Klaithongkam from Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. He was accused of sexually assaulting a 37-year-old German female tourist while transporting her to a hotel.

German woman suffered a serious sexual assault at the hands of her young motosai driver while travelling to her hotel in the Ratsada area of Phuket 

In brief, he allegedly grabbed the woman’s genitals during the motorcycle ride.

The German tourist was able to show investigators where the motosai had picked her up. This was at the Chartered Bank crossroads in the Old Town area of Phuket.

She had been there to enjoy the atmosphere on Walking Street late on Sunday night. In particular, the town’s markets. She agreed to a ฿150 fare to return to her Ratsada hotel.

During the journey, the motorbike driver turned to her and asked her name. He then kissed her and forced her hand to touch his penis.

After that, she pushed his hand away. However, he forced her to repeat the action. In short order, he began fondling her genitals.

The woman filed her complaint at 4.26 am on Monday.

Just hours later, police had found their man at his abode. The 18-year-old appeared shocked as officers turned up to take him into custody.

Police gave a briefing to reporters on the details of the complaint made by the German woman. The tourist was forced to jump off the motorbike and injured

The investigation was led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Thapthai Leelanon from Phuket City Police Station. Police Lieutenant Colonel Ekachai Siri supplied reporters with disturbing details of the incident.

The victim, a middle-aged German tourist, hired Mr Phongpat’s motorcycle taxi to take her to a hotel on the beach of Koh Siray, in Ratsada Sub District in central Phuket. The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning.

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During the journey, the victim was allegedly harassed and subjected to unwanted sexual advances by Mr Phongpat. At length, despite her protestations, he proceeded to touch her genitals as well as other inappropriate actions.

Distressed by the assault, the victim jumped off the moving vehicle. 

At length, this caused her to sustain injuries as she hit the road while the motorbike powered ahead. Fortunately, these were minor and included abrasions.

CCTV evidence corroborated the victim’s account

The German woman told police that after she jumped from the bike the driver came back towards her.

However, a kind local person came to her assistance. Following this, the motosai fled the scene

Police investigators secured CCTV footage along the route. They were able to identify the victim and the perpetrator. In short, this provided crucial evidence which corroborated the victim’s account. 

Additionally, police officers traced a mobile phone number used by Mr Phongpat.

He was found at a rented house in Surin Soi 2. This is located on the east side of Phuket Town.

The address of the culprit was discovered from his mobile phone records.

He used his smartphone to contact someone for directions to the hotel where the victim was staying.

Subsequently, this led to his identification and arrest.

Police say the case is a serious one. Officers appeal to any foreign tourist on the island with a complaint to come forward. Tourist safety is a priority across Phuket

Police Lieutenant Colonel Thapthai emphasised the seriousness of the offence. ‘This case involves the sexual assault of a tourist, which is a grave violation of the law and a threat to public safety.’

Mr Phongpat, however, denies the allegations against him.

As a result of the investigation, Mr Phongpat has been charged. Afterwards, he will face prosecution in accordance with the law. 

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety and security of tourists visiting Thailand.

The Royal Thai Police works diligently to address such cases. The detection and arrest of criminal perpetrators will help prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Tourists are urged to remain vigilant.

Certainly, they are encouraged to report any incident of harassment or assault to the authorities immediately. The aim of the force is to create a safer and more welcoming environment for foreign tourists.

Brave German woman identifies her attacker

On Monday, Phuket police confirmed that the German tourist had positively identified her attacker.

Previously the suspect had strenuously denied the accusations against him. At the same time, police were struck by the emotions shown by the German woman. She had suffered a harrowing ordeal.

Significantly, she cried continuously after coming to Phuket Police Station.

Nevertheless, she did not flinch in assisting investigators in prosecuting the matter. 

Legal proceedings against the accused are underway.

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