UK expat faces charges after unprovoked assault on a 67-year-old estate manager in Nonthaburi. Police finalise evidence for court summons. The victim filed a prior report fearing for his safety. The incident raises concerns amid Thailand’s efforts to attract more foreigners to come and live in the country.

A UK man is facing criminal charges after a violent attack on a housing estate manager on Friday. Police in Nonthaburi are finalising evidence to request that the Nonthaburi Provincial Court summons the man. It comes following a dangerous morning assault at the entrance to the estate. Security staff at the housing complex say the younger Brit has been involved in a campaign of aggression against them for weeks. In turn, this came after the assaulted man on April 5th made a report to police after becoming concerned for his safety due to the man’s furious outbursts.

(Left) CCTV inside Mr Phanumeth’s office when he had another verbal altercation with the UK resident. On April 5th, the 67-year-old man filed a report with police. (Right) The May 31st incident in which Mr Phanumeth was punched in the face as he sought to assist the Brit. He stumbled backwards and fell with the force of the strike.

A 67-year-old manager of a housing estate in the Nonthaburi suburbs was the victim of an unprovoked assault by an angry UK man on Friday morning as he sought to come to the foreigner’s assistance.

The incident occurred at approximately 8:32 am on Friday according to CCTV footage. Alarmed security guards at the entrance to the development called the police after their manager was thumped to the ground.

The attacker was identified by them as UK resident Mr Matthew.

Housing estate located in the heart of Nonthaburi. The UK national has been living there with his Thai wife for several years. Described as hot-headed

The housing estate is located in Mueang Nonthaburi on Phibun Songkhram Road in the Suan Yai Subdistrict. In brief, the foreigner has been living there with his Thai wife for some years.

Nonetheless, Friday’s incident, although the most serious, is not the first encounter between the foreign resident and security guards at the estate. The UK man is known to them as being particularly troublesome. Indeed, he has been described as hot-headed.

So much so that the estate manager Mr Phanumeth has previously filed a police report about the man.

In short, this was on April 5th when he was subjected to another aggressive onslaught from the foreign resident. On that occasion, it was over a keycard for the entrance barrier.

The battery in the easy pass card was depleted. Consequently, it failed to activate the entry mechanism.

Afterwards, Mr Phanumeth tried patiently to explain this to the resident. However, to no avail. The UK resident remained in a hostile and threatening temper.

Estate manager filed a report with local police before last Friday’s assault stating he feared for his safety in his ongoing dealings with the UK national

Therefore, he filed a report with local police. The elderly estate manager said he felt threatened by the bullish behaviour of the younger man and feared for his safety.

After that, police summoned Mr Matthew and cautioned him about his behaviour.

On Friday, Mr Phanumeth said this appeared to aggravate the UK national even further.

Afterwards, he became even more aggressive and furious with the security staff on the estate. For instance, on occasions, he could be seen yelling at security guards as he drove by at speed on his motorbike.

On Friday morning, another such occasion erupted. 

Mr Phanumeth came across the UK resident haranguing a security guard within the entrance booth. He approached him to help calm him down but was attacked 

Before Mr Phanumeth intervened, the UK man was harassing a fearful security guard at the entrance booth.

In truth, it is not clear what the problem was, but the British man wanted to ascertain details about all the staff working within the residential complex.

In the midst of his tirade, Mr Phanumeth decided to intervene.

On Friday, he explained he intended to calm the resident down. In the video of the incident, he can be seen extending his hand in friendship. However, the UK man did not appear to see him.

Afterwards, the Thai manager politely tapped him on the shoulder.

At that point, the UK man turned and stared at him briefly and then punched him with his clenched left hand. The punch was thrown directly to the Thai man’s face.

67-year-old man stumbled backwards from the force of the blow. The manager ended up in a crouched position while feeling dazed and bleeding from his nose

The Thai man then stumbled back as his legs failed him and he ended up on the ground, having put some distance between himself and the attacker. The victim ended up in a crouched position while in a state of shock.

After that, the UK man turned and made a remark to the prostrated manager. In turn, he then looked nonchalantly at his smartphone

Police were summoned immediately by the security staff on duty. While waiting for them, the Thai manager felt himself become weak, dizzy, and additionally, was bleeding from his nose.

‘After being physically assaulted, I’m terrified of this foreigner because I’m old and work alone in the office. If this aggressive resident barges in to yell at me or assault me again, I won’t be able to fight back,’ the manager explained after his ordeal.

UK man set to face a criminal case in court

Investigating police are awaiting a medical report on the 67-year-old’s injuries. They plan to request that Nonthaburi Court issue a summons to the foreign resident to acknowledge criminal charges against him.

In due course, this will raise questions over Mr Matthew’s visa to live in Thailand. Under the 1979 Immigration Act, a criminal conviction can lead to the revocation of the foreigner’s visa and his deportation from the country.

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This latest assault incident adds to rising concerns in Thailand following several high-profile assaults by foreign expats on Thai nationals. 

High-profile cases in Phuket and in particular, in Trang province, in recent months have certainly raised tensions.

At the same time, it comes as the kingdom plans to attract more foreign tourists and long-term residents to live in Thailand.

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