The horrific incident took place on Saturday morning in Thailand’s southern Songkhla province.  The Thai woman appeared to lose her mind with jealousy after some altercation with her boyfriend on the road before she gunned the engine.

A Thai woman, overcome with jealousy, used her car on Saturday morning to violent and devastating effect as she appeared to be trying to kill her love partner and his new girlfriend. She drove her car after her boyfriend and his new girlfriend on a motorbike and ploughed directly into them leaving carnage and devastation in her wake.

A 37-year-old Thai woman was arrested by Thai police in Thailand’s southern Songkhla province on Saturday morning after she used her car as a lethal weapon against her boyfriend and his new love interest who appeared to be riding as a pillion passenger on his motorbike. Video footage shows the incident as it happened on Saturday. The woman can be seen pulling alongside her boyfriends’ motorbike at one point. Then it takes off. She follows in her white Toyota Vios car. Then she accelerates and turns inwards directly into her boyfriend’s motorbike at an angle. She ploughed her car into the motorbike and it tipped over. The 37-year-old woman was reported to be not seriously injured. However, her boyfriend and his new girlfriend were reported to be in serious condition having been rescued from the scene. Thai police have yet to make a statement on charges to be pressed against the woman who clearly acted in a fit of jealousy with lethal intention.

They say hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. As anyone familiar with Thai women will know, there’s a lot of truth in the words. And so it proved on Saturday last in Songkhla province in southern Thailand when a Thai woman’s green monster took overall mental control.

Shocking video from Songkhla province

A video of the shocking incident is available and shows a street in Sadao district of the province. A white Toyota Vios car is seen coming on to an intersection and pulling alongside a motorbike with a driver and pillion passenger. There seems to be some exchange of words. The bike takes off ahead and shortly after, the car follows, but at high speed.

Thai woman used a car as a lethal weapon to attack her love partner and new girlfriend

The driver of the car was a Thai woman and the man of the motorbike was her boyfriend or love partner. With another woman. The Thai woman evidently lost control of her senses after the brief altercation with her boyfriend and the sight of him with his new mistress. Her car speeds up. When the car accelerates, it has now become a lethal weapon being used to maim or kill her boyfriend and his new partner.

Early morning incident ended in a scene of devastation and left local people bewildered

The attack occurred at approximately 9 am in the morning. The car can be seen turning in the direction of the motorbike on the inside of the road at an angle and making a beeline for it all the while at accelerating speed. It upends the motorbike and the two passengers and drives over them before turning and tipping over on itself. The scene is one of devastation. Local people stood around the crash scene of shock.

37-year-old Thai woman arrested by Thai police

The woman has not been named except that she is known to be 37 years of age. The boyfriend and the other Thai woman are reported to have been seriously injured in the attack. The Thai woman driving the car has been arrested and Thai police will soon announce further details regarding charges.

Thai woman on Songkhla uses her car as a lethal weapn

Thai women loses all mental reason and attacks her boyfriend with her car after catching him on his motorbike with another woman.The incident happened at 9am in Thailand's southern province of Songkhla last Saturday morning.James Morris reports from Songkhla in Southern Thailand.

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