RATCHABURI: The holdup happened in the Mueang district of Ratchaburi in Central Thailand, west of Bangkok. The robber escaped in a waiting getaway car. He had at least one accomplice.

A Thai armed robber supported by accomplices walked out of a Bangkok Branch in Ratchaburi yesterday after snatching ฿400,000 in a stickup that took less than 2 minutes to execute.

The police investigation in Ratchaburi to catch the armed robber and his accomplices who drove off yesterday with ฿400,000 from a Bangkok Bank branch at the Tesco Lotus shopping centre. The press was briefed by the Chief of Police in Ratchaburi, Lieutenant Colonel Anupap Srinual who confirmed it was a professional job.

On Friday, just after 2 pm, a Bangkok Bank branch at a busy Tesco Lotus shopping centre in Ratchaburi was the scene of a clinical and well-executed armed bank robbery.

Police investigating the incident timed the robbery from when the large-bodied man wearing a black cap entered the bank to when he sat into a waiting getaway car with accomplices.

Robbery completed in 1 minute and 40 seconds

The whole operation took 1 minute and 40 seconds. The armed robber told terrified staff at the branch to stay calm and was handed ฿400,000 before making his escape.

There were up to 5 staff at the bank branch both male and female. Police are not sure of the make of firearm that the robber used to carry out the crime.

Exited a side door of the shopping centre

He exited the side door of the shopping centre to the waiting car. The robbery took place in the Mueang area of Ratchaburi.

Police responded quickly to the scene.

The press was briefed by Police Lieutenant Colonel Anupap Srinual who is the Chief of Police of Ratchaburi.

Walked the counter and tendered a gun to make an illegal withdrawal. Staff gathered the money and handed it over to the faceless hoodlum

He said the robber simply walked to the counter and confidently asked staff to hand over the cash while tendering a gun.

The man was wearing a jacket with long sleeves and a black collar. The hoodlum managed to conceal his face.

Staff reacted swiftly and gathered ฿400,000 to hand over to the crook before he made his escape.

Police began scouring CCTV footage to discern the escape route used by the gang out of Ratchaburi

Police have initially gathered all CCTV footage from the bank, shopping centre and other locations in Ratchaburi. They are trying to establish the escape route used by the gang.

They believe that they are dealing with a professional crew who carried out a well planned and executed heist.

Investigating officers believe that the villains may have conducted surveillance on the branch before yesterday’s holdup.

Search for DNA, fingerprint or witness evidence

A complete examination of the branch was ordered and undertaken by police forensic officers in a search for possible fingerprints or DNA evidence.

Police also began questioning visitors to the shopping centre who may have noticed something untoward.

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