Family of the dead young woman urged the former police officer to own up to his responsibilities in the matter and turn himself into the justice system. They also point out that the accused has not made any effort to pay compensation to the daughter or niece of the deceased woman.

A hearing in Bangkok has been set to read the verdict of the Court of Appeal in a case on October 10th next related to the death of a 32-year-old woman in the Bang Kapi area of the city on June 20th 2020. Last week, the court ordered the seizure of ฿1 million in bail after a former police officer, Songklod Boonsong, failed to show up to hear its decision. The ex-police captain was sentenced to twenty years in prison in 2022 when granted bail for the second time to appeal the judgement.

On June 20th 2020, then-30-year-old former Police Captain Songklod Boonsong (centre and right) played a part in the death of his girlfriend 32 year old Ms Pim Chadaporn (left), who died during an altercation between the pair at a house in the Bang Kapi area of Bangkok.

A 33-year-old former police colonel who was last year convicted by a court in the death of his girlfriend or common-law wife on the night of June 20th 2020, has skipped bail and failed to turn up for the latest verdict in the case which was to be delivered on Thursday the 7th of September at the criminal court in Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok.

The defendant, former Police Captain Songklod Boonsong who is known as ‘Captain Boy’ was a high-flying young officer, then only 30 years of age when the killing took place at a townhouse in the Bang Kapi area of the city on Saturday, June 20th 2020.

Former police officer engaged in a confrontational situation with his then-second wife or girlfriend when a handgun went off killing her instantly

It is understood that the officer was in the process of intimidating his girlfriend by placing a handgun to her temple when he accidentally discharged it after he touched the trigger with his finger. 

Bangkok Metropolitan police officer gets bail in court after admitting he killed his pretty wife unintentionally

The police officer was charged with intentional murder under Section 288 of the Criminal Code.

The former policeman was attached to Wang Thonglang Police Station in Bangkok where he was a deputy inspector before the incident took place over three years ago.

The victim in the case, 32-year-old Pim Chadaporn, died instantly. The officer initially claimed her death was a suicide.

He described the death of his girlfriend as an appalling tragedy, which was unintended. 

Court found ‘Captain Boy’ guilty in 2022 and sentenced him to 20 years in prison but released him on ฿1 million bail pending the outcome of his appeal

On June 15th, 2022, the Criminal Court found the defendant guilty of the offence and sentenced him to 20 years in prison as well as imposing a fine of ฿720,000 and ordered the confiscation of the .45 calibre handgun which had been used in the offence.

The former police officer was allowed bail at the time set at ฿1 million in cash to be deposited into the court.

This was duly complied with and the former police officer was released on bail for the second time, having been allowed bail in 2020 when he was charged before the court initially on a surety of ฿500,000.

It is reported that in contact between Captain Boy and the family of the deceased woman, he expressed his remorse and promised Ms Pim’s mother that he would attend court last Thursday and accept whatever judgement was handed down.

Captain Boy allegedly told the woman that he was a man and would take responsibility for his actions. 

Lawyer of the accused says he was notified

A lawyer for the defendant before the court on Thursday last in Bangkok, confirmed that he had received a lawful summons in respect of the verdict reading.

The court ordered the bail of ฿1 million be seized and issued an arrest warrant for Mr Songklod while setting a date to read the Court of Appeal’s verdict on October 10th at 9 am.

Speaking to reporters after the hearing, the mother of the deceased woman, the victim in the case, said that she was disappointed that Captain Boy failed to attend to hear the judgement of the court while the family of Pim Chadaporn also revealed that no compensation or effort to make reparations to any of the relatives of the woman had been made.

These include a young niece and daughter of the deceased. 

Family of the deceased woman urge believed to have been the former police officer’s second wife to surrender and take responsibility for what happened

An uncle of Ms Pim urged the former officer to hand himself into the justice system and take responsibility for his actions. 

He said it was pointless for Captain Boy to attempt to evade responsibility for the matter. 

Ms Pim was reportedly the police officer’s second wife as he was formerly married to another woman at the time of the incident.

In June 2020, police investigating the case did not object to bail and told the court that the former police officer had cooperated fully with their investigation.

There was some conflict in the former officer’s testimony to investigators, however, in that he initially claimed that the death resulted from suicide, while he later accepted that he bore some responsibility for what happened on the night in question. 

It is understood that the incident arose from rising tensions between the couple, which came to a head on Saturday afternoon, June 20, 2020, when the young woman suffered a gunshot wound to the head with one single bullet taking her life.

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