In a chilling incident that rocked Sakon Nakhon, a 35-year-old, dubbed ‘John Ark Iron,’ drowned his father and autistic sister in specially crafted steel coffins. Shockingly, he’s declared sane, intensifying fears in the community. Top experts scrutinise the case, unveiling a sinister personality disorder, not insanity, behind the horrifying act.

Police working on the horrific murder case in Sakon Nakhon are still struggling to come to terms with the depravity and evil of the murder committed by a 35-year-old man when he cruelly drowned his father and younger sister in two purpose-built steel coffins. At length, senior officers have been giving details on the case as the accused 35-year-old Warut Detphumi negotiates the justice process.

A police officer pointed to the site of the murder and the two steel coffins which were put in place by 25-year-old killer Warut Detphumi. The killer laughed and chattered wildly as his 66-year-old father and 32-year-old autistic sister drowned and suffocated.

He recently appeared before Sakon Nakhon Provincial Court. He is being held at Sakon Nakhon Provincial Prison while locals in the area try to fathom the actions of a man who is both loathed and feared. Dubbed ‘John Ark Iron’ by the tabloid press, top police experts are trying to understand the crime.

In brief, two things have been concluded. Firstly, the killer was sane and certainly not on drugs. In short, we are left with one chilling conclusion. His actions were simply the work of an evil mind, however conditioned.

Police in Sakon Nakhon have extended the detention period of the evil killer now dubbed ‘John Ark Iron’ by terrified locals. However, even more disturbing details of the case are emerging. 

Reports, however, suggest that Mr Warut was previously treated for a psychiatric condition. Police in Sakon Nakhon are approaching the case meticulously

At length, police investigators believe that 35-year-old Warut Detphumi was sane when he committed the diabolical double murder. 

Moreover, they have also concluded that he was not on drugs. Indeed, this killer is reported to be health conscious. While in Sakon Nakhon Provincial Prison, he requested access to a range of vitamin supplements.

Nevertheless, there are reports that Mr Warut was previously treated for psychiatric issues at a local institution.

It comes at the same time as police in Bangkok were told by prosecutors that they could not proceed with a criminal case related to a 14-year-old killer who murdered 3 people at the Siam Paragon Shopping Centre because he was receiving psychiatric care. Undoubtedly, this case is different. Firstly, the killer is an adult at 35 years old. Secondly, he appears sane except he committed an utterly evil and cruel act.

At length, details of how he murdered his 66-year-old father, Mr Prayat and his sister, 32-year-old Ms Phiangpen, who suffered from autism, are emerging.

In short, they are chilling to the bone. The murders occurred on the night of the 8th of January into the early hours of January 9th.

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He lured the pair to the lakeside area with talk of a fishing event and a pond for a YouTube channel.

He coaxed his father and sister into the two steel boxes with a lie.

In brief, he told them that special boards in the boxes expanded into cushions if they were slept upon. Afterwards, he sprung the trap and locked them in with chains.

Steel boxes had roller wheels and could be moved easily. Warut then rolled the coffins to the water’s edge toying with his two victims before murdering them

Meanwhile, the boxes had wheels so that one person could roll them to the water’s edge.

After that, he pushed them into the watery depths onto a platform. Locals told how he shouted and chattered at his victims as they slowly drowned in rising water. In effect, he exercised the power of life or death as he exacted payback for a sick grudge.

It was a horrifying incident that sent shockwaves through Sakon Nakhon Province. 

This son, Warut Detphumi, later confessed to brutally murdering his father and younger sister. 

The gruesome act of tricking them into an iron chest and drowning them in slow anticipation was detailed by shocked police investigators. The motive behind the heinous crime was revealed as a twisted sense of revenge.

The crime unfolded on January 8, 2024, in Phang Khon District, Sakon Nakhon Province. Police were alerted to a suspicious individual by local callers. He was later identified as Warut Detphumi, at the crime scene. 

Chilling details have emerged in the case. They come from the killer’s mouth. This includes the planning required to commit the murders and the cruelty 

The accused exhibited a peculiar demeanour, prompting an investigation. The shocking discovery of men’s clothing and women’s shoes, coupled with community reports of Warut’s unsettling behaviour, intensified police suspicion.

Warut confessed to the hideous murders. Furthermore, he detailed meticulously two planned executions. The victims, his father, and autistic younger sister, were lured into a specially designed steel box under false pretences. 

The accused, harbouring deep-seated resentment due to family disputes, then pushed the boxes into the water. After that, as they screamed, came the suffocation and demise of both victims.

‘I tricked my father into going to look at the location at the scene of the incident. By lying to him we would build a fishing pond. The father thought that his son was a person who would make a living. Along with pretending there is a special board in a metal box. If exposed to heat from the human body, the board swells up and becomes a mattress. I let Dad go in and try to sleep. Then I included my sister. Which both father and sister believed. Go to sleep as your son tells you,’ Mr Waraut smugly recalled for police.

‘The suspect then used chains to tie around two metal boxes and locked them with a padlock. And the steel box was designed with wheels. The accused was then able to push them into the water by himself,’ a police statement subsequently revealed.

Media interest in the case is intense. At the same time, there is fear in the local community in Sakon Nakhon in relation to the killer. An evil monster?

Warut’s arrest and subsequent appearance at the Sakon Nakhon Provincial Court unfolded amidst intense media scrutiny.

The deputy commander, Police Colonel Chokchai Intanin, confirmed the accused’s confession. The top officer provided details on the ongoing investigation. Despite claims of not having psychiatric issues, Warut underwent a thorough physical examination and drug test. In brief, it showed no signs of substance abuse.

‘As for the question of whether the accused has a psychiatric illness or not, initially from his confession, the accused said he was not a psychiatric patient. He admits that he had a functioning conscience. He knew right and wrong while committing the offence. And from the physical examination of the accused, no drugs were found. This makes the police believe that the suspect’s actions were not related or the result of drugs. Nor are they a symptom of a mentally ill person,’ disclosed Police Colonel Chokchai.

Warut’s demeanour during the court proceedings was one of silence. 

Meanwhile, he refused to address the media’s questioning. The gravity of the crime and the accused’s seemingly calculated actions have left the community in shock.

Additionally, there is a palpable fear of the man. At the same time, many are questioning the motives and mental state of the killer.

Top experts and criminologists within the Royal Thai Police have been called in to examine the case. The depraved actions of Mr Warut were not insane acts

Criminologists and psychologists weighed in on the case. 

In short, they try to delve into the intricate layers of Mr Warut’s psyche. Former head of the criminology department, Police Lieutenant General Pisan Mukchaeng, suggested an ‘inferiority complex’ stemming from unresolved childhood issues.

In particular, the senior policeman raised issues of love and warmth.

‘The use of an elaborate murder tool, the steel box, hints at a personality disorder. However, it may not necessarily mean a mental illness,’ he noted.

‘His father may have done something to impress upon him when he was a child. Especially at the age of 3-5 years. Therefore, what people in society must be careful of is raising their children from childhood with love and understanding. Our subconscious mind is like a block of ice. We saw floating ice cubes, many and big, but the ice cubes underwater were even bigger. It’s something you can’t see. It’s a big part of a person’s mind. Things that can be drained. It will come out in dreams. The morals and conscience of people are in the subconscious mind. Being a good person or a bad person depends on the power of the subconscious mind,’ disclosed Police Lieutenant General Pisan.

Growing believe Mr Warut was malformed in childhood

Drawing upon Sigmund Freud’s childhood development theory, the analysis delved into the stages of personality growth.

 The Oedipus Complex, a pivotal stage, was highlighted.

 At length, this suggests unresolved conflicts from Warut’s formative years. The former instructor concluded that an imperfect social learning process contributed to Warut’s distorted personality development.

‘Planning and devising is not considered a mental illness. He is not mentally ill. But there is a ‘personality’ disorder. People of this type have thoughts like normal people. Some things are clever. Some things are flawed,’ explained Police Lieutenant General Pisan.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community is struggling to come to terms with the aftermath of an unimaginable crime. 

People are seeking answers to comprehend the depths of human psychology and in short, evil.

That is what the unsettling events that transpired in Sakon Nakhon amount to. A distortedly evil human personality at work.

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