Everyday heroes as stabbed UK tourist, in Phuket street fight, is saved by his Thai Girlfriend, local members of the public and 7/11 Staff. Charlie Faulkner, severely injured in an early morning attack, sought refuge in a convenience store where a quick response by his girlfriend and good Samaritans ensured his survival.

A UK man stabbed in a street fight melee sought refuge in the early hours of Saturday morning at a 7-Eleven convenience store in the Bangla area of Patong. Charlie Faulkner was severely injured in the attack. Indeed, the UK tourist coughed up blood and fell to the floor as he staggered while asking someone to summon emergency services. His Thai girlfriend together with good Samaritans and convenience store staff helped to give him first aid before medics arrived to whisk him away to Patong Hospital nearby.

Medics from the Kusoldharm Rescue Service attended to UK tourist Mr Charlie Faulkner in the early hours of Saturday morning. He entered the 7/11 convenience store in Bangla Patong on Soi Sea Dragon sometime between 4:40 and 5 am. After that, he collapsed and was given first aid by good Samaritans, his Thai girlfriend and 7/11 staff.

Phuket police are tracking down a group of Thai young people who viciously attacked a UK tourist in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The incident occurred just after 4:30 am in the Bangla area of the Patong entertainment district. 

The location was near a 7/11 on Soi Sea Dragon.

UK tourist was incoherent after being seriously wounded with a puncture wound to the left-hand side of his torso in the midst of a melee as he tried to intervene

At length, the alarm was raised approximately 5 minutes later when Charlie Faulkner staggered into the store. Incoherent from his injuries, the British man began to cough up blood. Afterwards, he collapsed on the floor.

However, not before staff noticed a puncture wound on the left-hand side of his torso. Police later said that Mr Faulkner was stabbed by a metal object.

In addition, he received a wound to his head from what is believed to have been a broken bottle.

A press briefing was given on Saturday by Police Lieutenant Colonel Chanan Mekchai. In short, the senior officer is the investigator inspector for Patong Police Station situated in the Kathu district of the holiday island.

CCTV footage shows an earlier altercation between another foreigner and a gang of Thai youths. The foreigner was engaged in a fistfight. UK man intervened

In summary, he said CCTV footage of the scene at 4:32 am on Saturday morning shows what appears to be a foreigner engaging in a fight with a local gang of youth. Certainly, this was not Mr Faulkner but another man. He was wearing a white T-shirt and shorts.

In contrast, Mr Faulkner was wearing a black T-shirt and shorts.

The foreigner appeared to be engaged in a fistfight with the Thai locals.

Afterwards, the fight drifted into an alleyway known as Soi Lao. This is only known to locals in the area and named after toilet facilities nearby.

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Meanwhile, Mr Faulkner is seen on CCTV footage arriving on the scene with his Thai girlfriend.

In short, he moves to intervene in the fight, which appeared to be a dangerous situation. After that, police noticed a commotion and the Thai teenagers scattered from the scene. This was after Mr Faulkner was injured.

7/11 store pandemonium in the early hours of Saturday morning as drama unfolds in front of the checkout desks. Luckily everyone rallied to help Charlie

In the meantime, inside the 7/11 shop, there was pandemonium. The UK tourist was lying in a pool of his own blood on the ground.

Mr Faulkner’s Thai girlfriend and a good Samaritan onlooker tried to calm him as emergency services were summoned. These were from the Kusoldharm Rescue Service.

Meanwhile, first aid was applied to Mr Faulkner before medical personnel arrived shortly afterwards. He was taken to Patong Hospital.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Chanan later on Saturday, told reporters that the attackers were known to police.

The UK man’s Thai girlfriend insisted that he was not involved in the first fight. Basically, he was only trying to defuse what appeared to be a dangerous situation.

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