Two foreign tourists were horrifically beaten by security guards on Pattaya’s Soi 6, within the city’s red light district, on Sunday. The viral video of the brutal attack has caused widespread shock and revulsion. Police have arrested the guards.

A video of Pattaya security guards dishing out a severe beating to two foreign tourists on Sunday went viral. The severity of the onslaughts by the security guards on the tourists while lying on the ground has caused revulsion and shock. On Sunday evening, the Pattaya police chief described it as barbarous as he insisted on taking legal action against the bouncers. It came after law enforcement officers arrested the trio within hours of a number of video clips appearing on Facebook. The incident took place in Pattaya Soi 6, also known as Walking Street or Soi Buakhao.

(Upper right) Conference between Pattaya police led by Police Colonel Navin Teerawit, police investigators and the three accused security guards (right). (Left and bottom) Scenes from the street fight on Sunday during which the two men were repeatedly kicked in the head even when immobile on the street as bar girls sought to intervene.

The Superintendent of Pattaya City Police Station on Sunday night ordered the detention and prosecution of three security guards. 

Previously, the brutal trio were embroiled in a melee earlier in the day.

In that incident, two foreigners were badly beaten by the men. The security guards were all dressed in black.

Controversy over what happened emerged online. It came when a video of the assault was published by the Facebook page Nui Voice AnyWay. In short, this came hours after the shocking incident.

Two caucasian men, one in a white T-shirt, the other in grey were repeatedly punched and kicked to the head by the three attackers in black even when still

The video featured the area on Soi 6 in Pattaya outside the well-known and popular Helicopter Bar.

Soi 6 is also known as Walking Street or Soi Buakhao and is part of the city’s red light district.

At length, the video shows two caucasian men, one in white and the other in grey, squaring off against the Thai guards.

However, despite one of the guards suffering damage to his nose, the tourist pair were badly mauled.

In addition, some of the women working at the bar and others can be seen trying to defuse the situation.

What shocked onlookers was the continued assault on the two tourists as they lay disabled on the ground. In the video, the man in the white shirt is kicked in the head as he lay immobile.

Origin of the fracas was a dispute over the payment of the bar bill by one of three tourists who were sitting together at the Helicopter Bar on Soi 6

Afterwards, the man in the grey T-shirt is attacked by two of the guards simultaneously. He is both punched and repeatedly kicked in the head as he tries to rise.

Nonetheless, both men appeared to have survived the mauling and were later shielded by the women working in the bars. Indeed, throughout the rampage, the women attempted to both shield and assist the injured men.

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The background to the fight was a payment dispute.

Three foreign men were drinking together at the bar and had run up a bill.

According to 38-year-old Ms Samporn, the cashier, one of the men failed to pay.

Before this, he had been observed by staff shiftily moving from seat to seat. At length, he then attempted to exit the bar as his two friends were leaving.

Cashier at the bar summoned guards when one of the men appeared to be avoiding payment of his bill and his friend created a commotion at the suggestion

Consequently, Ms Samporn summoned the guards to assist. She brought the matter to the attention of the two men paying their bills. This appeared to generate antagonism, particularly from the man in the white T-shirt.

In brief, he began using expletives at the cashier and the situation grew tense.

Thereafter, the third customer eventually paid his bill. It was ฿2,800. 

At that point, Ms Samporn thought the danger had passed. In short, she was proved wrong seconds later when an altercation took place between one of the guards and the man in the white T-shirt.

The latter had become aggressive over the whole matter. Certainly, he accused the bar of attempting to scam tourists. He pushed the security guard.

Fight erupted and spilled out into the street among shocked onlookers and passersby on Sunday afternoon. Bar girls tried to defuse the situation

Following this, a fight erupted between the tourist and the guards, in which the guard was punched in the nose. This was 25-year-old Mr Kritsana Chantamart or Ball. At length, the fight between the guard and the two tourists ensued outside.

Later on Sunday night, Pattaya Police located and arrested the three security guards. They were named as 25-year-old Mr Kritsana or Ball, 23-year-old Chakrin Yansak or Ice, and 36-year-old Mr Panupong Chanuthai.

Mr Kritsana is from Saraburi province, while Mr Chakrin is from Phichit province, and Mr Panupong is from Suphan Buri province. All these provinces are in central Thailand.

The three men were interviewed by police investigators led by Pattaya Superintendent Police Colonel Navin Teerawit. Mr Kritsana explained how he was involved in the incident that began with him and later exploded into violence.

Nonetheless, he pointed to the damage to the bridge of his nose and the requirement to have six stitches in the hospital. At the same time, he agreed that he had used excessive force.

Security guard trio arrested by Pattaya Police. They apologised to society for their actions and the damage caused to Pattaya’s reputation among tourists 

Indeed, the three men admitted that they had lost control of themselves. They accepted they were blinded by anger and rage against the two tourists.

All three men made a wai gesture and apologised to society for their actions which have caused damage.

In response, the police chief pointed out to them that their job was to preserve order and protect tourists.

In effect, the three men had instead injured the two men and damaged the reputation of Pattaya as a tourist destination.

Police Colonel Navin said that as card-carrying professionals, they were required not to become emotional. Certainly, they should not have set out to hurt anyone.

He explained that their duty was to respond to the situation until police were called to the scene. Police officers can then decide whether to arrest any wrongdoer or detain them for legal action.

Police chief noted that no complaint had yet been made

The Pattaya police chief noted that on Sunday night there had not yet been any complaints from the foreigners in question.

In addition, he noted that CCTV footage had been received. This showed the foreign tourists creating a disturbance at the cashier’s till at the bar.

At the same time, the 38-year-old cashier Ms Samporn in her testimony defended the security guards.

‘If the guards had not arrived in time to stop the incident, this group of foreigners might have assaulted me and other tourists who were customers as well,’ she opined.

In the meantime, the senior police officer insisted that the three men must be detained by police on criminal charges.

Guards to face criminal charges in addition to action under the 2016 Security Business Act  in relation to the licencing and training of security personnel

Police Colonel Navin described the attack on the two foreigners as barbaric.

He referred to the 2016 Security Business Act which empowers police to supervise and regulate private security guards and firms in their jurisdiction.

He indicated that action will furthermore be taken under this provision as well as criminal proceedings.

‘As security guards, you should have exercised restraint and called the police to control the situation. Do not let emotions control your actions while on duty. Your role is to prevent incidents, not to harm others,’ he concluded.

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