Thai police had days earlier taken the 18-year-old Thai woman named as Ms Orm to a local hospital where DNA samples were obtained which matched the infant baby girl found by security personnel at the apartment complex over one-week previously just over an hour after it was tossed from a third-floor balcony.

Thai police in Nonthaburi on Wednesday arrested an 18-year-old Thai woman and her 23-year-old boyfriend at a rented apartment on the Chaeng Watthana Road in the province on the outskirts of Bangkok. They acted on court warrants following an investigation into a newborn infant who was found over a week earlier on the grounds of the apartment complex where the pair lived. The baby had been thrown from a height bundled up in a black plastic bag. The couple was taken to Pak Kret police station and as news came through later of the infant’s death the day before, they were charged with collusion to murder.

Scenes from Wednesday at Pak Kret police station as the 18-year-old Thai women identified only as Ms Orm was interrogated by police with her 23-year-old boyfriend. The little newborn baby (inset bottom) was treated at a local hospital for nearly a week before dying this Tuesday from her injuries thought to be inflicted by her mother after she gave birth to the child. Rescue workers found the child alive on Tuesday the 23rd of July after 4 pm when they opened a black plastic bag and found the infant in a brown towel (inset left middle). Thai police arrested the couple on Wednesday the 31st July and as they interrogated them (inset left top), they learned from a local hospital that the baby had died. The couple are now being charged with collusion to murder the infant and are being held by police at Pak Kret in Nonthaburi.

Thai police have charged a young couple arrested in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi yesterday with collusion in the murder of their newborn baby. The baby was found on Tuesday the 23rd of July at 4 pm in the afternoon at a condominium complex where the couple were staying but died one week later on Tuesday of this week. The baby was thrown from a third-floor apartment of the high rise building which the couple had been renting and staying at for the last five months.

News of the infant’s death filtered through as its mother and father faced police interrogation

Thai police only found out from the local hospital that had been treating the baby this Wednesday that she had died. They were in the process of interrogating the young couple after their arrest by officers hours previously. The Nonthaburi Provincial Court had on Tuesday issued arrests warrants for the pair.

Investigation by Pak Kret police began on Tuesday afternoon of the 23rd July

The investigation began on Tuesday the 23rd July when security staff at the apartment complex on the Chaeng Watthana road near Pak Kret called in the police after finding a newborn baby, injured but alive inside a black plastic bag and surrounded with a brown towel. On arrival at the scene, Thai police deduced the because the infant was injured but not expired that it could not have fallen from more than four floors above.

Security revealed that black package had dropped from the building over 1 hour previously

At the scene, they first undertook to view CCTV video from the security section of the building. The video cameras revealed what looked like a black package containing the young newborn had fallen only more than one hour previously from the building. It appeared to glance a plastic bin and bounce onto the ground of the building’s compound where security officers found the infant. It was a baby girl.

Police found blood sanitary napkins and traces of blood in the bathroom of a third-floor apartment

A search of the building ensued. In one third floor apartment, Thai police discovered six sanitary napkins soiled with sanguine fluids and a bathroom area with traces of blood. At the scene, they found an 18-year-old woman named as Ms Orm and her 23-year old boyfriend. The police were from Pak Kret police station.

Young Thai woman taken to hospital for examination

Officers brought the young woman to a local hospital where she was subject to an examination. Doctors quickly formed the opinion that the young woman had recently given birth. Police asked that DNA samples be taken. Doctors tried to persuade the young woman that she needed rest and to stay in the hospital while they recovered tissue for her body. The young woman demurred so doctors took swabs for a DNA sample instead.

DNA results matched – arrest warrants sought

On Tuesday the 30th July, Thai police in Pak Kret were informed that the DNA sample matched those of the baby and officers applied to the Nonthaburi Provincial Court for the arrest of the young woman and her boyfriend.

The couple were found on Wednesday at the 3rd-floor condominium lying down. They were detained by Thai police and brought to Pak Kret police station.

18-year-old woman admitted to police that the infant baby was her own but took her by surprise 

At the station, under interrogation, the young woman admitted that the baby was hers. She said that she had given birth to the child on the same day as the infant girl was found by security at the apartment complex.

She told police officers that she was shocked by the discovery of the baby. She claimed she had no idea that she was pregnant and reacted by pouring toilet cleaner fluid into the child’s mouth. She then revealed that she had wrapped the child in a brown towel and put this in a black plastic bag which she tied shut. The bag was then tossed out from the third-floor balcony of the apartment.

Boyfriend said he knew nothing only that his girlfriend appeared to have put on weight

Police questioned Ms Orm’s 23-year old boyfriend about the incident and he explained that he had no idea what was going on. He told police that he did notice that his girlfriend had put on extra weight.

News of baby’s death led to murder charges against the couple being filed by police at Pak Kret

While being interrogated at Pak Kret police station the news filtered through that the little infant had passed away the day earlier. Police have charged both the Thai woman and her boyfriend with collusion in the murder of the newly born baby. They are being held at Pak Kret police station as legal charges are processed in the matter.

Similar but very different stories in May and June

This sad story is similar to a report in mid-May when a 15 Thai girl gave birth in a rural village of Nakhon Ratchasima in Ban Nong Khlam village situated in the Chumpuang district of the province. The young girl buried the child alive only for a three-legged dog to save it by alerting his master. In June, a 29-year-old Thai woman with an existing family from Nakhon Ratchasima abandoned a newly born child in a holdall bag in Nakhon Pathom. Apprehended by police, she explained that she could not care for the newborn child as she already had existing children and her husband’s salary was only ฿10,000 per month.

Unfortunately, this story is very different from those two, it is the precious difference between life and death.

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