On Wednesday as Thai police officers arrived at the UK man’s home in the Bang Lamung area of Pattaya he happily showed them his PC admitting that it contained child pornography. This followed the arrest at a hotel in Khon Kaen on Tuesday of a wealthy Japanese hotelier who paid two Thai men as procurers as he trysted with Thai girls of 15, 16 and 17 for sex on his regular visits to Thailand. Thai immigration police have revealed that the man visited Thailand no less than thirty times in 2018 and 2019.

The 80-year-old UK man arrested in Pattaya on Wednesday by Thailand’s DSI was living with a younger Thai wife and her two daughters from a previous marriage. Norman Lunt from Rotherham in the Yorkshire region of the United Kingdom moved to Thailand before the police investigation which led to him facing 15 sexual offence charges included 5 for rape was concluded. The charges relate to a 5-year reign of sexual terror which the UK paedophile allegedly inflicted on two young girls, the children of a friend, years ago.

80-year-old Norman Lunt co-operated with Thai police when they arrived at his home in Bang Lamung in Pattaya to arrest him following sex charges against him in the UK of the sexual abuse and rape of two young girls. The Yorkshire man can be seen discussing the warrant for his arrest issued on July 23rd and allowing police to examine his computer system. He was later driven away in a silver police car. The UK man is being held in custody while legal proceedings to extradite him to the United Kingdom take their course. He leaves behind in Pattaya a younger Thai wife who has two daughters from a previous marriage.

Thai police on Wednesday arrested 80-year-old Norman Lunt originally from Rotherham in Yorkshire who had moved to Thailand some years ago. The elderly UK man was arrested at the request of the UK National Crime Agency after investigating police officers in the United Kingdom identified that he had relocated to Thailand.

British man faces 16 different charges including 5 of rape against two underage UK girls

He is wanted in the UK on a range of criminal charges relating to the sexual abuse of two young girls over a 5 year period. It is reported that UK police are ready to charge the man with 16 different offences ranging from molestation to sexual assault and 5 charges of rape. The girls in question were the young daughters of a friend of Mr Lunt in Britain and the sexual activity took place during that association.

UK man has been living in Pattaya with a younger Thai wife and her two daughters

Thai police at the Department of Special Investigation found out this week that Norman Lunt had been living in the Bang Lamung area of Pattaya with a younger Thai wife who has two daughters from a previous marriage.

It is understood that a warrant for the arrest of the British citizen was obtained by Thailand’s Department of Special Investigation on July 23rd last but it wasn’t until Tuesday that Thai police were in a position to execute it.

Urgent information passed from the UK National Crime Agency to Thai police on Tuesday

That is when they came to know for sure where the elderly man was living. This came when immigration police confirmed an address for the man at Tambon Nong Prue in the Bang Lamung area of Chonburi in Pattaya. Police Colonel Paisit Wongmueng told the media today that on Tuesday, the UK’s National Crime Agency provided additional urgent information to the police which led to his immediate arrest on Wednesday.

80-year-old Yorkshire man co-operated with arresting officers on Wednesday before being taken

The Director-general of the Department of Special Investigation briefed the media on Wednesday’s arrest of the elderly pensioner. Thai police officers arrived in a police car and it was reported that the 80-year old Yorkshire man offered no resistance and co-operated with arresting officers. He showed the police his personal computer and admitted to them that it contained child pornography. The PC was taken away by police as evidence.

The older UK man was seen being led away to the awaiting police car and driven off.

UK man now being held in custody pending extradition to the UK where he faces a trial

The UK man is now being held in custody as Thai officials process his extradition to the United Kingdom in accordance with the law. It is understood that this involves liaison with the Thai Office of International Affairs.

Arrest draws unfair portrayal of Pattaya in UK tabloids as ‘sin city’ and ‘Thailand’s sex capital’

The arrest of 80 year old Norman Lunt in Pattaya which is a hugely popular resort city for both UK retirees and elderly people from all over the world, has prompted again the wrong sort of coverage of Pattaya and Thailand in the international media and particularly the UK tabloids where the resort town’s 1960s and 1970s image is resurrected. Reports of Mr Lunt’s arrest have again seen Pattaya dubbed as Thailand’s ‘sin city’ and ‘sex capital’ by some excited UK reporters.

Wealthy Japanese hotelier nabbed in Khon Kaen on a regular sex trips to Thailand

In a similar case, Thai police in Khon Kaen have arrested a wealthy Japanese hotelier who visited Thailand 15 times last year and 15 times already this year in search of sex with minors. He was arrested at a hotel in Khon Kaen on Tuesday following an extensive investigation involving local police and the immigration bureau.

69 year old named by Thai police only as ‘Mr Kazuo’

Police Colonel Setthaphat Na-Songkhla briefed the media on Thursday concerning the arrest of the 69 year old Japanese named as Kazuo by police as a Thai man delivered a 17-year-old Thai girl, one of three being investigated as part of the case, to him at the Khon Kaen hotel where it is understood the older man regularly stays on his sex trips to Thailand.

Two local Thai men arrested as procurers

The senior immigration police officer told the media that two local Thai men have been arrested as part of the investigation which was initiated by Thai police in Ban Phai who got wind of the Japanese man’s proclivities while visiting Thailand. One local man is a 57-year-old individual known as Phirapong and the other is a 54-year-old man named as Sayumphoo.

15-year-old Thai girl paid  ฿10,000 for sex but shared half with the 54-year-old Thai pimp

During the investigation leading up to the arrests, Thai police identified three young girls one 17, one 16 and the other a 15-year-old identified as girl B. This girl told police that she began sleeping and having sex with Mr Kazuo from the middle of last year up to April this year. She was paid ฿10,000 on each occasion but half this had to go the procurer, 57-year-old Phirapong.

Police confirmed the identities of the two Thai men by showing pictures of them to the girls involved in the sordid sex ring. All three positively identified the men in question.

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