Patricide in Surat Thani: Son is being detained at the Surat Thani juvenile centre where he is being interviewed by specialists and police officers after he stabbed his father twice in the back in the kitchen of their home when he returned from work.

The son of a local police sergeant major is being questioned in Surat Thani by the police and specialists after being arrested on Saturday for taking his own father’s life in a violent and cowardly attack after his parent had earlier in day berated him for wasting his time pursuing his online gaming addiction.

Police arrest the 17-year-old son of Police Senior Sergeant Major Anuwat at a friend’s house on Saturday at Khiri Rat Nikhom district of Surat Thani where he had fled on his Honda Wave motorbike after murdering his father.

A 17-year-old Thai teenager intentionally stabbed his father to death on Saturday last, the 7th December, after he returned home from work as a police officer.

The boy who has not yet been named, is understood to have stabbed his father Police Senior Sergeant Major Anuwat two times with a knife in the kitchen area of the family’s one-story home in the Ban Ta Khun District in Surat Thani province.

Respected police officer responsible for keeping peace in the community killed by his own son

It is reported that the deceased police officer was the commander of the local police in the village and subdistrict of Khao Wong where he was tasked with suppressing crime and keeping the peace. He was highly respected.

Stumbled from his home seeking help

The seriously injured policeman stumbled from his home to seek the help of neighbours who summoned emergency services and police to the home.

He was later taken to Ban Ta Khun Hospital but hospital medics could not save his life because of the nature of the wounds inflicted by his son.

Angry young man lashed out, stuck a knife in his father’s back when he returned from work

It is reported that the incident was sparked by the young man’s anger and frustration at his 51-year-old father who castigated him over his chronic addiction to online gaming.

Reports suggest that the police officer who one relative described to the press as a very hardworking and diligent man, had arrived home earlier that day to take a break from work. He found his son engrossed in gaming.

The police man, a concerned father, is reported to have reprimanded son for his inability to break free from the pursuit and for losing his place in school because of it.

Fled the home he shared with his father after his venomous attack in the kitchen of their home

Police officers on their arrival at the home later that day, deduced that the son had unleashed a venomous attack on the father and then fled the house on a red Honda Wave motorcycle.

They found the injured fellow officer and a trail of blood that led to the kitchen of the house.

Police arrested him at a friend’s house

Having quickly identified the culprit, they later apprehended the 17-year-old culprit in the Khiri Rat Nikhom district taking refuge in the home of one of his friends.

It is reported that the young man is now being held in detention at the Surat Thani centre for the protection and observation of juveniles.

Police are in the process of questioning the 17-year-old with specialists in attendance. 

Mother shocked to lose her son

The mother of the deceased policeman, Khieo Chuaybangduea, has expressed shock at the death of her son at the hands of her grandchild

It is anticipated that charges and legal proceedings will be commenced against the young man for murdering his father.

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