41-year-old man from Phatthalung province owned up to murdering his son on April 30th after a quarrel turned violent over his affair with his son’s wife. The young woman reported the matter to police on Saturday in Songkhla leading to the arrest of her father in law directly afterwards. 

A 41-year-old man has admitted to the murder of his 21-year-old son in Songkhla province at the end of April after the body of the young man was found on Friday and his wife revealed to police that she had been having a sexual affair with her father in law.

Police officers assist the wife of the murdered man, Kung Plodkaenthong, as she identified her husband’s personal belongings found in a sack hidden in dense foliage in Songkhla province on Friday. The couple had lived with the victim’s father and his family under the same roof in Phatthalung province.

A 41-year-old Thai man has confessed to police in southern Thailand that he was responsible for the murder of his own son on April 30th last.

Details of the disturbing case were revealed today by Police Major General Thiewtawat Nakhonsri, the Chief of Songkhla Police.

The accused man has been named as Aroon Plodkaenthong. He was arrested by police in the Pa Bon district of Phatthalung province on Saturday.

Wife breaks down identifying husband’s belongings following the discovery of his skeletal remains

On Sunday, at a police station, the wife of the murdered man, Kung Plodkaenthong, broke down in a collapsed state and had to be assisted by police forensic officers as she identified the personal belongings of her husband, 21-year-old Chanchai Plodkaenthong whose body was found by officers buried in a sack within a forested area on Friday last, the 22nd of May.

The grisly discovery was made in the Na Mom district of Songkhla province.

Body in a sack was moved to the location where it was found revealed police last Friday

Police discovered the body last Friday afternoon in a skeletal state and reported that there was evidence to suggest that the remains had been moved to the place where they were found. 

They also revealed that the person was a male, approximately 20 years old, who was likely to have been stabbed to death and had died within the last month.

Neck and chest wounds with hands tied using a nylon rope. Body placed in dense foliage

Police found evidence of knife injuries on the neck of the body and two piercings in the chest area. The man’s hands had been tied with a nylon rope.

The initial unearthing of the remains was made by an assistant to a local village headman who quickly alerted police.

The sack was found concealed in dense foliage on a steep incline but emitting a foul odour. It was also found to contain various personal belongings such as a watch, lighter and packet of cigarettes.

Father in law arrested after affair reported

Kung Plodkaenthong is thought to have been responsible for the arrest of Mr Aroon after the discovery of her husband’s body when she went to police with her suspicions about what may have happened.

The last time she saw her husband was on April 30th when he set off to work with his father, tapping rubber trees. 

He never returned to the house that he shared with his father, his wife, his father’s wife and younger son.

Family lived together under one roof

It is believed by police that the family’s living arrangements may have been linked to the murder. 

The murdered man’s wife, Ms Kung, divulged to having an affair with her husband’s father. She took this information to the police on Saturday.

21-year-old murdered man was a son from a previous marriage to another woman he had divorced

Mr Aroon, the accused, divorced his previous wife 20 years ago and brought his son to live in Phatthalung province where he found a new wife that later bore him another son. 

Mr Chanchai, the murdered older son, lived with his father’s new family until he himself married a local girl, Ms Kung. 

All five lived under the same roof.

Accused denied killing son over the affair but told police his son was a dangerous drug addict

The accused man told police that he had killed his son during a heated exchange over the older man’s affair with the younger man’s wife. 

However, Mr Aroon insisted that this was not his motive for taking his son’s life.

He explained to police that his son had attempted to kill him on several occasions and was a dangerous drug addict.

Police are continuing their investigation into the killing but have already charged Mr Aroon with the premeditated murder of his son.

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