Police are interviewing at least five other women and further charges are expected against the serial rapist who is the subject of complaints from up to 36 different women who became his victims in a reign of terror that ran from at least sometime before the end of 2020 until May 2nd last.

Mr Denphum Wattanachotipinyo, believed to be living in Nonthaburi, who terrorised at least 36 women over a 6 month period in Bangkok in a campaign of deception, rape, fraud and theft was remanded in custody at Thonburi Prison until May 24th next following his arrest on Wednesday by police in the Sai Mai area of the capital.

Police escort Mr Denphum from custody at Bang Khun Thian Police Station on Friday 14th May 2021. He was later remanded in custody to Thonburi Prison until May 24th next after police requested an extension to his detention period as they build their case against him on charges of rape, theft and threatening the lives of his victims in a 6-month reign of terror on ‘pretties’ working in Bangkok.

The 39-year-old suspected serial rapist, Mr Denphum, who is the subject of at least three dozen complaints by a range of women including many ‘pretties’ in a LINE group, has appeared in court in Bangkok and been remanded to Thonburi Prison after police executed a warrant for his arrest issued by Thonburi Court on May 4th last.

The 39-year-old was arrested on Wednesday 11th May at a condominium in Yothin Place on Soi Permsin 20 in the populous Sai Mai area of the city in the northwest of the metropolis. The accused is believed to be a resident of Nonthaburi.

Police objection to bail for the defendant as a flight risk on the basis that he may interfere with witnesses

Police in court objected to bail saying that Mr Denphum posed a serious flight risk in view of the grave consequences of the charges he faces and his heightened capacity to interfere with witnesses given the violent and coercive nature of the charges made against him.

His arrest on Wednesday was coordinated by the Commander of the Crime Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police, Major General Jiraphop Phuridech, after the suspect had earlier evaded police efforts to pick him up.

Initial police charges based on the evidence of two victims, one in May and the other in February

He appeared in court based on the testimony of two women who have made rape charges against him including the woman who reported being raped at his hands at a high-end condominium in the Sathorn area of Bangkok on Saturday the 1st May and a woman who was a victim of Mr Denphum on February 8th last.

Police in Bangkok and Pattaya hunt down sexual monster who terrorised, raped scores of women with impunity

Both women gave evidence of a similar nature.

They had both been lured to the rooms on the false pretence of paid work as a ‘pretty’ and once inside the apartments and the ‘domain’ of their captor, they had been forced to imbibe the crystal methamphetamine drug before being brutally raped by the 39-year-old at knifepoint with chilling threats to their lives.

Charges under Section 276 and 309 of the criminal code for rape, threats of violence and bodily harm

Mr Denphum was charged with rape under Section 276 of the Criminal Code for having sexual intercourse with the women, who were not his wives, against their will and while they were not in a position to resist.

The penalty on conviction is a possible prison term ranging from four to twenty years.

He was also charged under Section 309 with causing the women to fear for their lives and of bodily harm which carries a potential penalty of up to five years imprisonment on each count.

Police sought and were granted an extension of the detention period for Mr Demphum for twelve days until May 24th next. 

At least five other women to be interviewed and evidence gathered against Mr Denphum who will face additional charges as more women come forward

During that time, it is understood that police officers will interview and take statements from more witnesses with at least 5 other testimonies available as well as medical reports relating to the case of the woman who made the initial complaint at Bang Khun Thian Police Station on May 2nd.

This raised the alarm about the dangerous sexual predator and brought his reign of terror which, it is understood, had run for at least 6 months, to an end.

Many of the women raped and terrorised by Mr Denphum also had money taken from them under duress and police are indicating that further charges against the man will be forthcoming as they begin to build their case against him.

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