On Tuesday morning residents on the seventh floor of a Samut Prakan condominium building where a young woman lost her life last Saturday evening with her body found at 11 pm near the elevator, moved to other parts of the residential tower as a Buddhist monk performed a ritual summoning her spirit to the scene of last Saturday’s deadly attack at the hands of her neighbour from the 3rd floor.

A 62-year-old father of a 23-year-old woman who was murdered on Christmas Day in her condominium unit in Samut Prakan province, on Tuesday, brought a monk to summon her spirit in preparation for her funeral rites which are to be held on December 30th next in Nakhon Pathom, her home province. Inthuron Korhan died on Christmas Night after being injured in an attempted rape within her home during which she received a fatal knife wound at the hands of her crazed attacker, a neighbour within the apartment tower who was arrested by police the next morning after the building was sealed off.

62-year-old Wichai Na Khan (centre) prays to the spirit of his daughter 23-year-old Inthuron Korhan (left) who was found dead at 11 pm on Christmas Day on the seventh floor of her condominium building near the elevator after she expired while trying to summon help. She had been attacked minutes previously by 41-year-old Nathachai Atsamat who mortally wounded her with a knife after he attempted to rape her.

A monk officiated at a ceremony on the 7th floor of a condominium building in the Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan on Tuesday morning summoning the spirit of a young woman who was murdered there on Christmas Day by a 41-year-old married man after he attempted to rape her.

The body of 23-year-old Inthuron Korhan was found at 11 pm on Christmas Day beside the elevator on the 7th floor of the 10 storey B2 apartment block in the Muang Thong development in the Bang Chalong Subdistrict.

Woman expired near the elevator on the 7th floor after she attempted to summon help

Police believe the woman had tried to summon help after she fled from her apartment following the attack but expired from severe blood loss.

On Monday, a senior officer revealed the woman was attacked by her 41-year-old assailant, named Mr Nathachai Atsamat, after he hid in a cupboard in her bedroom before launching a sexual assault as he attempted to rape Ms Inthuron which she fiercely resisted.

41-year-old suspect was arrested on Sunday morning on the 3rd floor of the apartment building

Details of the disturbing case were given to the media by Police Lieutenant General Jiraphat Phumjit after officers had successfully apprehended the culprit in his 3rd-floor apartment within the complex situated near a fire escape which he shared with his wife, on Sunday morning, after the alarm was raised the night before.

Officers told the press the man had noticed the 23-year-old earlier on Saturday on the first floor of the building and broke into her apartment on the 7th before she returned there.

He is thought to have hidden in a wardrobe before launching his fatal attack on Ms Inthuron.

Knife wound near the left leg severed the 23-year-old woman’s aorta artery causing her death

As the woman fought back against the man who was armed with a knife, she suffered a fatal wound to the left leg which severed the aorta or the main artery that carries blood from the heart.

The resultant massive bleeding caused by the wound led the young woman to lose consciousness and expire as she sought help after the 41-year-old attacker fled.

Police told the press that Mr Nathachai had left a trail of evidence throughout the building as they pursued their quarry before finally arresting him on Sunday morning.

He is reported to have already confessed to the attempted rape and murder of the young woman.

Building shut down by police after suspicious man spotted on the stairs at the time of the killing

On Christmas Night or last Saturday, police officers at the scene had ordered the building shut down and sealed off after they received reports of a suspicious man taking flight from the seventh floor following the attack via the emergency stairways.

A search of the building later unearthed a blue T-Shirt on the 5th-floor within an apartment he had broken into.

Bloodstains were subsequently identified in a search and examination by police investigators.

They also discovered evidence of someone having recently taken a shower and found the sheath of a knife in the toilet.

Police officers working on the case also believe that the suspect had attempted to break into other apartments on the eighth floor of the building before entering the 5th-floor unit.

He later stole a yellow T-shirt from a rack on that level.

Murder suspect arrested while having a shower

When police arrived at the suspect’s third-floor apartment to arrest Mr Nathachai on Sunday morning he was taking a shower.

Afterwards, they retrieved evidence of bloodstains from his apartment as well as from his body which they were able to link to the victim in the case.

The killer later told police officers that he was driven to launch his attack on the young woman by lust after not being able to have sexual relations with his wife who had given birth just 15 days previously.

41-year-old Nathachai Atsamat faces murder charges and is to be held by the Provincial Court

Police told the press on Tuesday that the accused was being held while legal proceedings were being processed against him for the murder of the young woman and that he would shortly be sent for detention at the Provincial Court in Samut Prakan.

The accused man was reported to have had a serious look on his face as he was taken to a local police station on Monday for further questioning by investigators.

This may have been the result of sleep deprivation as the enormity of the consequences of his depraved actions on Saturday evening became clear.

His wife, who appears to have been unaware of her husband’s exploits, was collected by relatives from the B3 Condominium tower on Monday morning and taken to another location.

Residents on the 7th floor moved elsewhere in the building as Buddhist monk summoned her spirit 

On Tuesday morning, as a Buddhist monk led a prayerful chant summoning the spirit of Ms Inthuron Korhan, also known as Nong Toei, her father was at the scene.

He told reporters that the monk was summoning the spirit of his daughter back to the room where the shocking incident occurred so that she could be reunited with her family.

He said that funeral rights for the tragic young woman would take place at Wat Phra Ngam in Nakhon Pathom province on December 30th with prayers over the next few days.

61-year-old Wichai Na Khan explained to reporters that his daughter’s spirit was troubled and that she had appeared to him in a dream seeking vengeance against her killer.

Father speaks of harrowing sorrow as the 4-year-old son of the woman tried to speak with her

He also told the press of heartbreaking scenes and his harrowing sorrow on Monday as her 4-year-old son, who is in his care, tried to open his mother’s coffin to speak with her.

Mr Wichai Na Khan said that his daughter had recently promised her innocent 4-year-old son that she would be returning to Nakhon Pathom to visit him and had promised to buy him snacks.

As the prayers for the victim were recited within her 7th-floor condominium where she was fatally injured last Saturday night, it was reported that many of those living on the same building level, left their homes and moved to other areas of the tower.

The atmosphere during the ritual was reported by witnesses and residents to be very sombre and dark.

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