The accused told police she acted as a go-between, using the social media page to attract customers. She admitted she was the administrator of the X page while only charging ฿200 on each referral while operating herself as a sex worker catering to clients.

Thai police in Phichit this week closed down a sex-for-sale service being operated on the social network site X by a 19-year-old woman who was hiring out prostitutes, some under 18 years of age, while charging a ฿200 commission on each referral.

Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) officers at a hotel resort on Sunday where they arrested a 19-year-old woman identified as Ms Nong for operating a sex-for-sale service on social network giant X formerly known as Twitter.

The Central Investigation Bureau on Sunday arrested a 19-year-old woman for operating a sex trafficking service on the social network Twitter, now known as X.

At length, the sex hire service operated within the environs of Phichit province in north central Thailand, approximately 330 kilometres north of Bangkok. 

A Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) police unit conducted an undercover sting operation which targeted the accused through her X social media page

This week, case details were given to reporters by the Human Trafficking Suppression Division of the Investigation Bureau headed by Police General Jiraphat Phuridet. 

Officers conducted a sting operation targeting the woman for arrest.

Biggest Sex for Sale website shut down by police unit in early morning raid targeting foreigners

Further to this, undercover officers arranged an assignation with one of the sex workers available through the X social network page at a hotel resort in the Khlong Kachen Subdistrict of Mueang District in Phichit province. 

At the same time, the 19-year-old, identified by police officers as Ms Nong, arrived at the hotel room with a 17-year-old in hand who had been chosen by a police officer working undercover acting as a customer.

Accused sent customers online profiles and photos from which to choose with a charge of ฿1,200 before a rendezvous was arranged at a local resort hotel

Firstly, the page and account came to the attention of investigating officers, as it appeared to advertise a prostitution service where customers could make contact and be sent photographs of sex workers, many of them under 18 years of age, from which to choose.

This was confirmed in online communications between the police unit and the accused. 

The 19-year-old woman was arrested on charges of human trafficking through the illegal exploitation of others for prostitution, being in the ‘business of procuring, buying, selling, distributing, bringing forth from any place, confine or arrange to receive a child over 15 years of age but under 18 years of age, to satisfy the desires of others.’

It is understood that the girl brought by the 19-year-old to the rendezvous at the hotel resort was 17 years of age.

She was taken into custody when police moved after the undercover police officer paid over ฿1,200, which was the agreed-upon price for the sexual assignation.

Girl under 18 years of age from Phitsanulok rescued from the scene of the arrest and handed over to social services, woman faces legal prosecution

Social Development and Security Ministry officials working in Phichit Province were at the scene with arresting officers. 

At length, it emerged that the young sex worker originated from Phitsanulok province in lower northern Thailand.

Afterwards, the 19-year-old service operator was taken into custody and interrogated by police.

She told investigators she was the sole operator of the X social network page offering sex for sale and acted as the administrator of the social network service. 

Accused was also a prostitute

She acted as a go-between between young women and clients seeking prostitution services in the local area.

At the same time, police have revealed that the arrested 19-year-old also works herself as a prostitute. 

Accordingly, she farmed out work to others registered with her service, telling investigating officers she charged only ฿200 on each transaction.

She was later handed over to the Crime Suppression Division of Police Region Division 4 for prosecution.

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