Man fled on a Honda Click motorbike heading for Taling Chan as Thai police in Bang Phlat scour CCTV to identify and track him down. A full investigation and hunt for the man is underway.

Thai police in Thonburi, Bangkok are hunting a middle-aged man who committed an armed robbery at a gold store yesterday evening and escaped with over ฿3 million.

The Thai gold shop robber with the silver handgun: on Thursday this middle-aged Thai man directed staff at a gold shop in Thonburi to fill his plastic back with ฿3 million in gold before heading off on his Honda motorbike.

A Thai man with a silver handgun made off with over ฿3 million in gold and ฿40,000 in cash on Thursday evening after a carrying out a remarkably controlled robbery of a gold shop in the Bang Phlat area in Sirinthorn road.

2-minute robbery calmy executed

A video of the 2-minute robbery is available and shows the man walking into the Aurora gold store at Tan Hua Swen. He grabs the attention of the two neatly dressed and uniformed staff at the premises by pulling out the handgun from his waistline which had been concealed under a long shirt. He told the staff to ‘stay calm’ and ordered them to fill his plastic bag with gold hanging from the display shelves.

Man looked around nervously as the two young Thai women filled his plastic bag with gold

With remarkable composure, the two young women went about retrieving the gold and filling the man’s plastic bag. He looked around nervously for third parties but luckily for him, no one intruded on his criminal act. Taking ฿40,000 and some gold rings for good measure, the criminal told the young women to crouch behind the counter as he took a few seconds to settle himself before calmly walking out of the store with his booty.

Police in Bang Phlat now searching for a Thai man 160 cm high with a dark complexion

Police in Bang Phlat have launched an investigation and are seeking to track the man who arrived at the store on a Honda Click motorbike which was parked beside the store. He is described as having a dark complexion and being approximately 160 cm tall. He was wearing a baseball cap.

Visited the store last month

It is understood that the robber was last seen heading for the Taling Chan district of Thonburi with the visor on his motorcycle helmet pulled down. Staff at the Aurora Gold shop told Thai police that the man had visited the store at the end of last month and that has been confirmed from CCTV.

Thonburi Gold shop robbery by Thai man with silver gun

+ Gold shop in Thonburi robbed by calm Thai man in controlled 2 minute raid that netted him ฿3 million. Desk Report

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