39-year-old wife was found face down holding a plastic bag of clothes by police who were dispatched to the premises. She had been shot in the back of the head by her husband after a massive row flared up on Tuesday at about 6 pm.

A businessman in Bangkok took the life of his wife with a single gunshot yesterday during a heated row over money problems before turning the gun on himself. Police in the Rat Burana district of the capital were at the scene only minutes after the tragedy unfolded.

41-year-old Dusit Piboonsawat killed his Thai wife 39-year-old Romrawin Kaewkamneran with a gunshot to the back of the head before shooting himself in the right temple. The couple’s business had plummeted in recent times leading to constant bickering between them.

A Thai businessman murdered his wife and took his own life yesterday shortly after a massive row developed between the pair inside a room off the couple’s garage business which specialised in vehicle gas installations.

Boy selling LPG heard the row and the two gunshots

A boy selling LPG gas at the business heard two gunshots and ran to find out what had happened. He found the inert bodies of 39-year-old Romrawin Kaewkamneran and her husband 41-year-old Dusit Piboonsawat lying together in a pool of blood with an 11mm firearm nearby.

Man ran a gas installation service for vehicles

Officers at Rat Burana police station were notified of the incident and were quickly at the scene. Police Lieutenant Colonel Weerayut Rongharnkaew who is the deputy head of investigations at Rat Burana police said that the couple ran a business named as Rama 2 Autogas and service.

Scene of the tragedy cordoned off

Police who arrived at the scene cordoned off the room where the husband and wife had died. They found Ms Romrawin wearing a short black T-shirt and in a sitting position with her head down holding a plastic bag full of clothes. The Thai woman and wife had been shot once in the back of the head.

Her 41-year old husband Mr Dusit was wearing a blue sports shirt and was found lying on his back. The 11mm gun was located near the man’s right hand. He had shot himself in the right temple.

Couple had been constantly arguing about money in recent weeks before the climactic incident

The boy at the front of the building manning an LPG gas pump told investigating police that the couple had been arguing constantly in recent weeks over the depressed state of their business in the current poor economic climate.

Police at the scene decided promptly to make contact with relatives of the deceased to arrange for funeral rites while the two bodies were sent to nearby Siriraj hospital as a matter of routine in such cases for autopsies to be carried out.

Friend of businessman told how the deceased man’s business custom simply dried up

About ninety minutes after the tragedy, a 42-year old man named as Thaweewong Laicharoenwong introduced himself to investigating officers. He had been a close friend of the deceased man. He said that his friend’s business had experienced a downturn and that the demand for the installation of LPG devices in cars had dried up. He told police that he had to come to the assistance and support of his friend on quite a few occasions lately along with others in the man’s circle. 

Couple leave behind two sons

Police were told that the chronic deterioration in the man’s business had led to him increasingly rowing with his wife over money matters. The deceased couple leave behind two sons as well as many friends and relatives traumatised by what happened.

Tragedy occurred on World Suicide Prevention Day

Pertinently, yesterday’s unfortunate event came on World Suicide Prevention Day designated by the World Health Organisation which is running a campaign design to encourage governments and communities to do more to prevent suicide. It is reported that 38 countries currently have suicide prevention programmes in place.

 The organisation highlights that every 40 seconds, someone in the world succumbs to suicide more often than not accompanied by devastation for families, friends and loved ones.

Thailand has the highest incidence of suicide in the 10 nation ASEAN community

Thailand ranks 32nd the world for suicides and has the highest incidence rate in the 10 member ASEAN community. Experts anticipate the suicides rates will rise in future years and it is more likely to be a threat to younger adults. Worldwide, it is one of three leading causes of death for people aged from 15 to 44 years of age.

In Thailand, one of the main trigger factors driving people to suicide is the failure of relationships but the issue of financial problems is also high on the list for younger grownups.

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