Nonthaburi police sought and obtained warrants for the arrest of the owner of the party house and five other individuals that police believe may be linked to the death of the Bangkok ‘Pretty’ or presenter known as Lunlabelle. It comes as the dead woman’s mother and father are demanding a second autopsy and have voiced their concerns about the case to the Ministry of Justice.

A second Bangkok ‘pretty’ or presenter who attended the infamous party at Bang Bua Thong in Nonthaburi on the 16th September last following which 25-year-old ‘Lunlabelle’ or Ms Thitima Noraphanpipat was never seen alive again has claimed that she woke up naked at the party venue the next morning, the same day her colleague was found dead in Thonburi. Thursday saw six arrest warrants issued for the owner of the property and five other party-goers.

Arrest warrants issued for six of the party-goers where Bangkok pretty ‘Lunlabelle’ was poisoned by alcohol. These include the owner of the home at Bang Bua Thong in Nonthaburi, where the party took place, 29-year-old Chaiyaphon Panna (inset bottom left), his wife and brother. It comes as the family of ‘Lunlabelle’ or Ms Thitima Noraphanpipat (inset right) visited the Ministry of Justice seeking a second autopsy in the case and voiced their suspicion of the actions of prime suspect 25-year-old Mr Rachadech Wongthabutr (inset top left) who has already been arrested and charged.

The mysterious death of Bangkok ‘pretty’ or commercial presenter Thitima Noraphanpipat continues to throw up shocks and surprises as police on Thursday  sought warrants at Nonthaburi Provincial Court for the arrest of the owner of the house in Bang Bua Thong where the party took place on the 16th of September last where the young woman was hired for the day for ฿3,000 to serve drinks.

Second pretty presenter named as ‘Deer’ filed a formal complaint this week with Nonthaburi police 

In addition to the house owner, five other party-goers at the gathering have been ordered into police custody for questioning. It has also emerged that a second presenter or ‘pretty’ named as ‘Deer’ working at the ill-fated party has filed a formal complaint at a Nonthaburi police station saying that she woke up on September the 17th naked at the party venue and does not have any memory of how this happened.

This was the same day that security guards found the body of Ms Thitma on a sofa at a Thonburi condominium complex where the prime suspect in the case, 24-year-old Mr Rachadech Wongthabutr lived.

The second woman who filed a complaint this week was escorted to meet the police by Atchariya Ruangrattanapong who is the Chairman of the Help Crime Victim Club.

Prime suspect arrested by police on Wednesday morning and charged on three counts

Mr Racthchdechj was arrested in the early hours of Wednesday morning and faces three charges in connection with the death of the young woman just one week before. 

On Thursday, police applied to have his detention extended as the investigation widens and digs deeper into the murky circumstances surrounding the death of the beautiful model.

The young male model, reportedly a co-worker of Ms Thitma, was filmed on the 16th and 17th September carrying her lifeless body into his condominium building and hours later again downstairs to the lobby where he posted bizarre social media messages. He later refused to admit police to his room causing them to make a forced entry.

Arrest warrants issued for six more partygoers

The six people for whom arrest warrants were issued on Thursday are 29-year old Chaiyaphon Panna, the property owner and his wife 24-year-old Phikulthong Boonpha as well his brother 33-year-old Nathee Sathitpongsathaporn, 35-year-old Koset Ritnitiruek, 27-year-old Kritsada Lohidee and 26-year-old Ms Pathanan Raksakul.

On Thursday evening, police had already arrested four of the accused and were searching for the latter two.

Semen found on shorts, underwear and a blanket at the home where the party took place

Police Major General, the deputy police chief of Provincial Police Region 1 said at that time that police had already begun interrogating the four people arrested and were taking DNA samples. It is reported that police have recovered semen samples from underwear, shorts and a blanket retrieved from the Bang Bua Thong home. 

Lunlabelle’s parents visit the Ministry of Justice in Bangkok to voice their concerns and suspicions

Meanwhile, also on Thursday, the parents of the dead young woman visited the Justice Ministry in Bangkok where they met the secretary to the justice minister Thanakrit Jit-areerat and the Vice Minister of Justice, Samart Jenchaijitwanit.

Lunlabelle’s parents were accompanied by the 3-year-old daughter of the deceased woman bringing home to officials the wounding personal tragedy of what has happened.

Requesting a second autopsy

The distraught mother and father, who have vowed not to cremate their daughter until those that caused her death have been brought to account, requested that the Justice Ministry arrange to carry out a second autopsy on her body.

Thitma’s or Lunlabelle’s mother, Supamas Noraphanpiphat said she could not accept that her 25-year-old daughter who earned income for the family, would drink so excessively without being forced or put under duress.

Initial autopsy found no evidence of assault or other fluids, woman died from alcohol poisoning

The young woman was found to have a fatal level of alcohol concentration in her system at 418 milligrammes per 100 millilitres according to the autopsy performed at Chulalongkorn Hospital which also found no evidence of sexual assault or other fluids in her body.

Mother and father suspicious as to why their daughter’s clothes were removed and discarded

The mother and father told the senior justice ministry officials that they were deeply suspicious that their daughter had been moved from the scene of the party in an unconscious state to have had her clothing removed and then discarded by the suspect in the case.

Vice Minister sympathetic to the family’s plight

The Vice Minister Mr Samart assured the mother and father that the ministry would make contact with the Central Institute of Forensic Science to discuss the possibility of a second autopsy and would also find out if the family was eligible for compensation as victims of a crime as the young woman was a provider.

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