Police were called to a bar where the woman, her boyfriend and family members had visited after a celebratory birthday meal. The young woman appeared to become increasingly irate with her paramour which escalated into violence and a disturbance.

A young bar girl from Kalasin took her own life early on Sunday morning in Pattaya after a heated argument with her foreign boyfriend turned violent and police were called to a bar.

Rescue workers and police tend to the badly injured body of 23-year-old Sutthirak Sroikutruea who jumped to her death after her birthday celebrations led her to a row with her foreign boyfriend in Pattaya early on Sunday morning.

It was another tragic scene on Sunday morning in Pattaya when 23-year-old bar girl Sutthirak Sroikutruea, originally for Kalasin province in northeastern Thailand, took her own life by jumping from the 22nd floor of a luxury hotel.

The young woman had been out the night before celebrating her birthday with family, friends and her Japanese boyfriend.

After having a meal, the crowd out celebrating went to a local bar where a hot-tempered argument broke out between Ms Sutthirak and her partner.

Thai woman was highly intoxicated

Reports from the bar suggest that the young woman was highly intoxicated and appeared to be visibly upset at her companion.

The situation escalated to violence. 43-year-old Mr Boonperphassada, a witness and uncle of the young woman, explained that after his niece became aggressive towards her boyfriend. A police officer had to be called to the bar to restore order.

Police were called causing the bar girl to storm out of the venue and return to the Jomtien Hotel

Mr Boonperphassada said that this made the young woman even more aggrieved and she stormed out of the venue. She headed back to the 38-year story Jomtien Hotel in Nong Prue. However, her boyfriend chose not to follow her.

Family members followed her

Later, concerned family members went in search of Ms Sutthirak. It is understood that they attempted to get the young woman to open the door of the hotel bedroom but she refused to admit them. Later, the room went quiet with no response. 

This was followed by the alarm being raised as the young woman’s body was found in a narrow and confined area beneath the balcony of the luxury hotel. 

Appalling injuries suffered by the woman

The 23-year-old is reported to have suffered appalling injuries after her body slammed into the ground. 

Pattaya police and rescue workers from the Sawang Boriboon Rescue organisation rushed to the scene. Ms Sutthirak had suffered a broken neck as well breaking both her hands and legs. She had died instantly.

Police conducted a preliminary investigation

Police at the scene were led by Sombat Kaewmunuk, who is the deputy head of investigation for Pattaya police. He told the media that the police had inspected the room and found no sign of a struggle or disturbance.

He said that officers were convinced that there was no other party in the locked bedroom chamber when the young woman threw herself from the balcony. 

He disclosed that police had investigated the incident on a preliminary basis including interviewing her family members who were outside the room when the tragedy took place. Police formed the view that the young woman had taken her own life after becoming alienated from her boyfriend.

On this basis, the body of Ms Sutthirak was being released to the family so that the appropriate funeral rites can take place.

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