The tense scenes and standoff which caused passengers to run off came to an end when the smaller Thai national in short pants exited the underground train and is reported to have run away. While on the train, he was chased incessantly by the aggrieved UK man who appeared intent on inflicting violence on him.

Thai nationals online are calling for the Royal Thai Police to track down and interview a British man whose aggressive and bullying behaviour yesterday on Bangkok’s underground MRT system has caused outrage. Although the context and circumstances of the incident cannot yet be fully confirmed, it is clear that at the very least, the UK man took the law into his hands and physically assaulted what looked like a smaller Thai national who could even have been a boy.

Some onlookers watched while others walked away as a UK man kept attacking what looked like a Thai boy carrying a bag and tablet. The UK bully was recorded lunging at the boy and connecting with the back of his head before a Thai man in a yellow shirt intervened to successfully protect his fellow national as the UK man circled his prey.

Thai internet users on Tuesday were incensed and appalled to see a scene on the Bangkok underground or Metropolitan Rapid  Transit system in which an aggressive UK man appeared to attack and bully a smaller and younger Thai national. The incident took place on Monday afternoon.

The ignorant British man is reported to have punched the Thai national in the face and still came at him to inflict further violence.

The UK man was taller than the Thai person of diminutive stature who was wearing short pants as was his English attacker. 

Object of UK man’s fury appeared to be a young boy in shorts who was clearly in fear

The footage of the incident on the MRT is of low quality but it could also be the case that the target of the UK man’s fury was a Thai boy in white shorts of dark navy and white with a brown striped T-shirt and a shoulder bag. He also appeared to be carrying a tablet computer.

The UK man and a friend were dressed in navy shorts and T-shirts. The UK man was wearing an earplug.

Incident recorded on video clips

The incident was recorded by concerned Thai citizens some who ran from the scene while others stood close to have a look.

A number of video clips have been published on a popular Thai Facebook page called Red Skull-addict.

Assault linked with an iPhone

There has been no confirmation as to what provoked the sustained and furious response from the British man. It certainly seems to have been something to do with an iPhone which the UK man referred to a number of times. 

Reports suggest the Thai national stumbled into the UK man causing his phone, an expensive iPhone 11, to fall.

The Thai national is reported to have apologised for the occurrence saying the word ‘sorry’ but this did not appear to satisfy the clearly outraged UK man.

UK man violently assaulted the Thai national including a blow to the back of the head

He chased the smaller individual around the train and at one point is reported to have punched him in the face.

Video evidence clearly shows the UK bully lunging at that the Thai boy and connecting with the back of his head on one occasion.

Thai man in yellow shirt quietly intervened protecting his fellow national for the onslaught

The hero of the video clip was a calm Thai man who stood in the middle to protect his fellow national.

He held on to the boy’s clothing and indeed, at one point, would not let him run further down the train away from his protection.

He kept his Thai friend behind him as the menacing UK man circled the two like a predator.

‘What did he do?’

At one point,  the UK man asked the Thai man why he was getting in his way. The man in the yellow shirt asked: ‘What did he do?’ The smaller Thai national shouted: ‘I did not do anything.’

UK man appeared to be in company

The UK man appeared to be in the company of a friend of similar appearance.

The dramatic and tense incident came to an end with the smaller Thai national exiting the train at the next stop. He is then reported to have run from the scene and disappeared.

Online on Tuesday, people were calling the police to track down and interview the UK foreigner whose nationality was clearly distinguished by his accent. 

The situation, most people agreed, would have been far more serious if the restrained but firm Thai man wearing a yellow shirt had not intervened.

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