Investigating panel set up to investigate the incident at the airport. 60-year-old  Laszlo Balogh was found on Sunday morning having been dead for 8 hours.

A Hungarian man booked aboard a flight home to Europe at noon on Friday last was found dead on Sunday morning at an immigration holding cell in Suvarnabhumi Airport after being arrested for overstaying his visa in Thailand.

Rescue workers remove the body of 60-year-old Hungarian national Laszlo Baloch to Rama Bang Phli Hospital on Sunday for an autopsy after he was found dead earlier at an immigration holding cell at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

An autopsy has been ordered into the death of a Hungarian citizen early on Sunday morning while he was being held at an immigration holding cell at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

It is reported that the eastern European man was lodged in the immigration holding cells on Saturday evening after being detained on Friday.

Due to fly home at noon on Friday

It is understood that 60-year-old Laszlo Balogh was due to fly out of Suvarabvhumni headed for Hungary on Friday at noon.

However, he was instead arrested for overstaying his visa.

On Saturday night, he was observed alive by officers on duty in the holding cell where he was being detained with other offenders arrested for immigration offences.

Authorities say the man appeared to be behaving normally on Saturday after he was incarcerated.

Elderly man found dead on Sunday morning

Police report that on Sunday morning he was found to have passed away after officers discovered his inert and cold body lying on the sleeping bunks provided for detainees.

No sign of external injuries on the body

Police Colonel Nathapol Komintarachart, the Chief of Police at Suvarnabhumi Airport, briefed the media on the tragic incident.

He said that that the body did not show any signs of external injuries or appear to have been the subject of aggressive acts.

It is being reported that an investigative panel has been set up to examine the death and the role played by officers assigned to the facility.

Hungarian’s body examined at the scene by medics and police forensics team on Sunday

Mr Balogh’s body was examined at the scene by police forensic investigators and medical staff from Bang Phli hospital. Airport police state the man had expired 8 hours before being discovered early on Sunday morning.

Authorities have asked the Hungarian embassy to notify the man’s family in Hungary of his death.

His body was removed by rescue services to Rama Bang Phli Hospital where an autopsy is to be carried out.

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