35-year-old husband went to the family home of his ex-wife to either make up with her or commit murder. When 32-year-old Jarupan Insutha again insisted that she had abandoned their long-standing marriage, he chose the latter before calmly driving away from the scene on his motorbike.

A 35-year-old Thai man told police on Sunday evening in Ayutthaya that he felt he had no choice but to murder his wife after she spurned his offer to get back together following their relationship breakdown months ago. He declared to stunned officers that he had resolved to kill the 32-year-old woman in his last-ditch effort to save the couple’s marriage if she did not accede to his request for a reconciliation. He explained he then felt compelled to do so after her negative reply.

53-year-old Ms Jarupan Insutha (centre) shows the media how and where her 32-year-old daughter was killed by her ex-husband on Sunday evening last. 35-year-old Mr Phrompong Srikaew has already confessed to the murder after surrendering himself to police shortly after killing his estranged wife.

A 35-year-old man who worked at the Robinsons Department store in Ayutthaya on Sunday shot his estranged wife at close range after travelling to her mother’s house and asking her to reconcile with him.

The killing took place at 53/7 Village No. 1 in the Phukhao Thong Subdistrict of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya district in Ayutthaya about 71 miles north of Bangkok.

Police and emergency services called to the scene found the body of the dead woman with a head wound

The incident occurred at 6.30 pm and police from Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Police Station responded to calls from the family as well as emergency services.

They found the inert body of 32-year-old Ms Jarupan Insutha on the ground outside her mother’s two-story wooden house near a hammock, tied to the structure, in which she had been resting when her husband had arrived at the home to talk with his ex-wife.

Officers could see the woman had suffered a bullet wound to the head which they later revealed came from a .38 handgun that the man had brought with him to the scene.

The lead investigating officer in the case is reported to be Police Lieutenant Colonel Lapasskrita Tharalert.

35-year-old husband, a department store employee, surrendered to Ayutthaya police shortly after

It was later confirmed that Mr Phrompong Srikaew had surrendered to police after leaving the scene earlier on his motorbike.

He confessed to killing his wife and told officers that it was something he had to do. His wife had repeatedly refused to come back to him and resume their relationship which had been ongoing for many years up to recently.

He said he had heard that she was visiting her mother’s home where the couple’s four-year-old daughter was being raised by her grandmother and had driven there to ask his wife to come back to him one last time.

Man said he felt compelled to kill his wife because of her obduracy in refusing to renew the marriage

He told investigating officers that he had carried a gun to the scene intending to kill his wife if she again refused his request.

He said the woman had indeed again rebuffed his plea for reconciliation. He drew the revolver he was carrying and shot Ms Jarupan as she lay in the hammock hitting her with one bullet to the head.

He told police he had then also fired another shot.

His ex-wife fell over onto the ground and it was clear she was dead.

The husband told police that he felt compelled to kill his wife because her continued obduracy offended his honour.

Mother of 32-year-old woman witnessed her daughter’s murder outside her home on Sunday

The mother of the deceased woman, 53-year-old Ms Jarupan Insutha and another daughter were found at the scene by police. They were distraught and crying over the body of the victim.

Ms Jarupaon told police that her daughter had been happily married to the suspect in the case, Mr Prompong, up until the birth of her daughter four years ago when the relationship began to have difficulties.

She said it was her understanding that her daughter was dating another man and that Mr Prompong also was involved with another partner.

Couple had only split up 5 to 6 months ago and had been together for a long time said mother-in-law

She revealed the couple’s relationship had only ended within the last 5 to 6 months.

She explained to police that her daughter had visited to see her daughter who had been entrusted into her care after the couple had finally split up.

She said she heard her former son-in-law arrive on a motorbike which he parked in front of her house. She then watched as the man talked with her daughter. The older woman told police that she was already concerned about the situation at that point.

The 53-year-old grandmother saw Mr Prompong draw a gun and point downwards at the hammock where her daughter lay, out of view. 

Her evidence was that she heard three shots although police officers are certain that only two shots were fired by the man and have attributed this to the shock the woman suffered after witnessing the murder of her daughter as she watched.

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