Renowned justice activist ‘Gun Jom Palang’ takes a bold stand against a 37-year-old school female teacher, accusing her of sexually abusing and blackmailing a 12-year-old student. The shocking revelations were brought to light on Tuesday.

Well-known justice activist ‘Gun Jom Palang’ on Tuesday filed complaints with police and local authority officials against a 37-year-old teacher, a married woman, who he alleges sexually abused and blackmailed a 12-year-old girl in her class after consorting with the student to produce what he termed child pornography. The crusader revealed that the teacher had recently been promoted to a post as deputy director of another school in the Nong Chok district of Eastern Bangkok where the abuse took place.

Mr Kannarat Gun Pongpaiboonwet (left), also known as Gun Jom Palang, a justice crusader who exposes wrongdoing, at a press conference on Tuesday with the 12-year-old school girl at the centre of the allegations reported to both the Metropolitan Police Bureau and the Education Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on the same day.

A disturbing case of alleged sexual abuse involving a 12-year-old student and a female Bangkok school deputy director emerged on Tuesday. The latest case raises further questions about the safety of learning environments in Thailand especially since the accused is a woman.

Social media activist Kannarat ‘Gun’ Pongpaiboonwet, also known as Gun Jom Palang, reported the disturbing case to the capital’s Nong Chok Police Station on Tuesday relating to a 12-year-old student enrolled at Grade 6 in Bangkok’s Nong Chok District who alleges she has been suffering abuse at the hands of the female teacher, recently promoted to Deputy Director of another school in the area.

The teacher concerned, according to the social activist, threatened the 12-year-old recently with exposure and publication of explicit photos and videos which the educator induced the young girl to send to her.

Young girl accompanied by online crusader Gun Jom Palang and her family visited police and the local education office on Tuesday to file complaints

The student, accompanied by her family, was present today when Mr Gun Jom Palang made his report to the Metropolitan Police and the school authorities in Bangkok’s Nong Chok district over the concerns about the teacher involved in the affair. 

The teacher who is the subject of the allegations is reported to be 37 years old and married and was effectively blackmailing the student in her care not to reveal what had taken place between them to her family or the appropriate authorities.

Both the teacher’s status and her actions were very troubling for Mr Kannarat who described her behaviour to the media on Tuesday as evil. 

‘In my view, individuals engaging in such behaviour do not deserve to be teachers. Despite being married and living with her husband, she still lured the student into a sexual act at a petrol station,’ Mr Kannarat told reporters. ‘It’s an evil and immoral act.’

Complaint filed by the 12-year-old and her family on Tuesday at Nong Chok Police Station in Bangkok alleging sexual abuse, blackmail and pornography

The victim, accompanied by the activist and her family, bravely filed the complaint at Nong Chok police station, presenting compelling evidence in the form of chat messages exchanged with the accused as well as explicit content.

The accused allegedly coerced the young student into sending compromising photos and videos, later resorting to threats of public exposure if she did not comply.

Gun Jom Palang expressed his deep concern over the accused’s alleged actions, highlighting the severity of the offences.

The accused, despite being married, reportedly engaged in inappropriate behaviour with the student, taking advantage of her vulnerability, he said. The activist emphasised the immoral nature of the acts and questioned the fitness of such individuals to be educators.

Female teacher accused of sexual abuse offences

What sets this case apart is the gender dynamic, with a female teacher accused of the offences.

Mr Kannarat, who has previously dealt with sexual and serious criminal cases involving male perpetrators, noted the rarity of such instances involving female teachers.

He underscored the accused’s alleged connections with influential figures and politicians, raising concerns about the victim’s access to justice.

The accused’s threats to disseminate explicit content further compounded the severity of the case. 

The victim’s family sought Gun Jom Palang’s assistance after discovering the alleged abuse, prompting him to also take the case to the Bangkok Education Office for further investigation.

Mr Kannarat expressed the need for a thorough inquiry to determine if the accused had committed similar offences against other students.

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Previously, the activist has been involved in several high-profile cases involving murder and sexual abuse in the last year in Bangkok and other provinces.

Accused teacher threatened the little girl with friends in high places that would be brought bear against her and her family if she spoke out about the abuse

He told reporters that the teacher had warned her student that she had high-level contacts with influential people and politicians. She claimed she would use them to bring to bear if the little girl stepped out of line and reported the abuse. 

The social justice activist said he would now pursue this campaign having filed the appropriate reports with the authorities including bringing the parties involved to give evidence.

Among his targets on Tuesday was the educational establishment in Bangkok which he called on to take action and launch an immediate investigation into the teacher’s activities and specifically referenced her recent promotion.

Furthermore, Mr Kannarat said he would be particularly interested to know if there were other victims of this teacher within the local education system.

At a press conference given to reporters, the elder sister of the victim explained that her younger sister sought the teacher’s guidance in Grade 5 and became quite close to her this year.

Victim’s sister gave police and officials a more detailed insight into the relationship between the little girl and her allegedly abusive teacher

The victim’s elder sister provided additional insight into the teacher-student relationship, indicating that the teacher initially guided her during the previous year at school. 

However, their closeness escalated during the second term of Grade 6, with the student unquestioningly believing the teacher’s directives.

The alleged abuse came to light when the victim shared the threats with her family. She pleaded with them for a new life away from the teacher.

The elder sister disclosed that her sister had previously had absolute faith in her abuser, but only turned to her family when the woman she looked up to threatened her with exposure, especially over the personal videos and photographs sent to the educator, some of them showing the little girl naked. 

The young girl told her family that the teacher had also warned her against befriending others and appeared to exhibit signs of jealousy. 

Police to call in the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and expert psychologists to study the complaint before a summons is issued

Commenting on the complaint filed with them, senior officers at Nong Chok Police Station said that they would immediately call in psychologists and the relevant government agencies including the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to engage with the girl before considering their next step in the matter, which could be to summon the accused to acknowledge criminal charges.

The social justice activist also brought the 12-year-old girl and her family, on Tuesday, to the Bangkok Education Office.

There he called for the teacher to be investigated not only concerning blackmail and child abuse but also for child pornography.

Senior Bangkok Metropolitan education official gave an undertaking on Tuesday to report back on the allegations against the teacher within 45 days

The involvement of the Bangkok Education Office marks a significant step in addressing the allegations.

Mr Kannarat, alongside the victim and her family, submitted a letter requesting a rigorous investigation into the accused teacher’s actions and qualifications.

Deputy Director of the Education Office, Mr Songson Kanlaya Na Sunthon, outlined the initial steps in handling the case.

The matter will be sent to the director of the Educational District, who will supervise the investigation into the accused teacher’s qualifications and adherence to regulations.

The investigation is expected to take approximately 45 days, ensuring a thorough and impartial process.

The top official said the educational district concerned would be tasked with having a supervisor look into the matter at any school connected with the accused teacher. 

He estimated that it would take 45 days to complete a report on the matter as the government agency had to follow appropriate procedures and regulations to be fair to all parties and arrive at a truthful account of what may have happened.

Activist wants to know if the teacher concerned is properly qualified given the serious concerns raised about her behaviour by the schoolgirl’s claims

The recently promoted teacher is an employee of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and Mr Gun Jom Palang said as the holder of a public position, she should be subject to an investigation into her behaviour and a full inquiry made into the accusations which were being put before authorities. 

The activist wanted to know, for instance, if the 37-year-old teacher possessed the necessary teaching qualifications and if she may have engaged in obscene or threatening behaviour towards other students. 

The Deputy Director of the Education Office, Mr Songson specifically gave an undertaking to confirm the teacher’s qualifications as requested by Mr Kannarat.

Mother met the teacher twice at meetings and thought her to be quite normal, she is worried about the claims of political influence made by the accused

Accompanying the activist on Tuesday, the 54-year-old mother of the 12-year-old girl, explained to reporters that she had met the teacher on two occasions at parent-teacher meetings and she seemed like a normal and responsible educator.

However, after hearing the evidence of her child, the mother explained that she was naturally uneasy about sending her to school and called for an expedited investigation into the allegations which have been raised.

The mother explained that she was particularly concerned about the teacher’s threats to her daughter about influence at a high level in government circles.

Gun Jom Palang wants to see all wrongdoing explored and full charges brought against the teacher warning that the family simply sent the girl to school

Mr Kannarat later confirmed to reporters that he was satisfied that investigations within the Metropolitan Police and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s education department were now about to commence.

He hoped that any wrongdoing would be fully prosecuted and pursued with the utmost diligence as the victim in this case was under 15 years of age, still attending school and vulnerable.

He also called upon investigators to be aware of the rights of the parents in this case who certainly did not consent to any activity beyond their child going to school and receiving an education.

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