Death of Ukrainian woman on Ko Samui was either from natural causes or suicide says Surat Thani police chief Major General Thakoon Netpukkana. Officers found the young woman’s phone in her Ferrari knapsack and suggest that she died while resting in the forest from exhaustion and heat or at her own hands, by suicide. They say she walked to the location herself after returning a rented motorbike on May 25th last.

Police officers on Ko Samui have explicitly ruled out murder as the cause of death of a 32-year-old Ukrainian woman whose decomposed body was retrieved from a trench in a forested area on the island last Sunday, the 7th of June. Police have stated that they are satisfied that both Olga Frolova’s estranged husband, Dimas, and her new relationship partner, UK man, Philip Armstrong had nothing whatsoever to do with the death.

The Chief of Police for Surat Thani province, Major General Thakoon Netpukkana, says the case is closed and that the death of 32-year-old Ms Frolava (centre) occurred either as the result of natural causes or suicide after a long walk from a motorbike rental shop where she was last seen alive on May 25th last. Both Ms Frolova’s estranged husband and new relationships partner were, in no way, involved in her death as there are no suspects in the case, says senior police officer.

Thai police on Ko Samui have signalled the closure of their investigation into the death of the 32-year-old Ukrainian woman and mother, Olga Frolova, who was reported missing on May 25th and whose body was located by police on June 7th last after reports from members of the public.

Details on the case were given by the Chief of Police for Surat Thani province, Police Major General Thakoon Netpukkana, this week.

He told reporters that police now believe that Ms Olga Frolova may have taken her own life following a visit to a motorbike rental company on May 25th and died hours later in a forested area.

Ms Frolova appeared to have difficulties paying the bill for the rental of the motorbike on that day, an encounter which was captured on CCTV footage showing her for the last time before her body was discovered this week.

Body found decomposed with a leg protruding from overgrown vegetation on Sunday June 7th

Her body, when it was found, was decomposed and protruding from a trench in a forest area overgrown by vegetation.

Nearby her, were her shoes and her Ferrari branded knapsack which she was last seen on the CCTV footage wearing on her back.

The body was first discovered by 47-year-old hotel worker, Uthen Ruangnon, while out picking mushrooms on Friday, June 5th. 

A foul odour drew him to the area.

He later brought local neighbours back with him to the scene on Sunday the 7th of June when the alarm was raised.

Police interviewed her estranged ex-husband and new relationship partner during the investigation

The police interviewed Ms Frolova’s estranged ex-husband, 40-year-old Mr Dimas Frolova, at the outset of their investigation and her new boyfriend with whom she had been having a relationship for the last 12 months, 47-year-old UK man Philip Armstrong.

Mr Armstrong is a well-known fitness trainer on the island.

The police chief, Major General Thakoon, said on Wednesday that there were no suspects in this case.

Police found Ms Frolova’s phone in her knapsack

It is now understood that police retrieved the mobile phone of Ms Frolova from her Ferrari branded bag. 

Police have revealed that their investigation showed that Ms Olga walked from the motorbike rental shop to the forested area where her body was found. 

Police suspect that the woman was exhausted from her walk from the shop and entered the forested area to sit down and relax.

Police speculate that she may have been exhausted and used the foliage to shield herself from the heat

They theorise that she may have used the foliage to cover herself from the sunshine leading to her falling asleep and subsequently expire at the scene.

An investigation of her phone and social media usage showed that the Ukrainian often researched suicide and methods of carrying it out.

She also had interests in the occult and nature.

Long history of treatment for bipolar and other mood disorders may have been a factor say police

Police also unearthed a long history of treatment for a bipolar disorder and two further mood disorders which may have contributed to the woman’s state of mind.

Major General Thakoon pointed out that police are satisfied that both Mr Dimas Frolova, Olga’s husband with whom she left their young son on May 25th, the day she disappeared, and Philip Armstrong with whom she is reported to have argued that day, had nothing to do with her death.

Police still awaiting an autopsy due in 2 weeks

The senior police officer pointed out that the visa affairs of her husband, who works as a freelance photographer, were in order and that the family was living legally in Thailand.

The chief said that the investigating team is still awaiting the final autopsy report into her death which should be available in a matter of weeks. 

This is required, at this point, in order to classify the woman’s cause of death as a health issue or one of suicide.

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