Landlord told police that the 33-year-old Russian woman, named as Anna Efimova, arrived last Saturday evening and was alone with her infant girl. The woman told police and rescuers that she was thrown from the building by an abusive husband.

Thai police are investigating what they think is filicide after a Russian woman survived a jump from the third floor of a condominium in North Pattaya on Sunday morning. Inside her third-floor apartment, they found the body of an infant girl in the bathroom. 

Police officers looking into Apartment A 301 in an apartment complex in North Pattaya on Sunday where 33-year-old Anna Efimova (top centre and below) jumped but miraculously survived her fall with light injuries. It was a different story for her 19-month-old baby girl (top right) who was found wrapped in towels and dead from injuries which police suspect may have been inflicted by the Russian woman in the throes of a drug-induced hallucination.

Thai police are waiting for a 33-year-old Russian to recover after an investigation opened early on Sunday morning into the death of a 19-month-old baby girl at a 5 storey condominium block in North Pattaya.

Police officers were called to the scene at 3.30 am and found Ms Anna Efimova on the ground. An eye witness at the scene told the Pattaya News website that the woman appeared to jump from the third floor of the building. 

Not seriously injured in third-floor fall

Amazingly, she was not seriously injured, suffering minor abrasions to her legs. She was removed from the scene briskly by rescuers and taken to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

Inside in Apartment A301 on the 3rd floor, officers made a grisly find.

First, they were alerted to a crime by blood spatter on the walls. In the bathroom, they discovered an infant girl concealed beneath a toilet cover below the sink. The child had been bundled in towels.

The baby girl had been cut across the forehead in three different places.

Drugs and paraphernalia found in the apartment including two bags of a powdered substance

Police also found drugs and paraphernalia in the apartment unit. They deduce that the woman may have been suffering from hallucinations as a result of the drugs which caused her to injure and eventually kill her child.

Two plastic bags of a powdered substance were retrieved by police and have been sent to a laboratory for testing.

Woman claimed to have been thrown from the apartment complex by an abusive husband

While being tended to by rescuers at the scene, Ms Efimova claimed that she had been thrown from the condo unit by her abusive husband.

However, the landlord of the premises told police that the woman appeared to be living alone with her child.

She arrived at the apartment complex on the Sukhumvit Road on Saturday at 7 pm and paid for a three-day stay.

The woman has been placed under arrest by Pattaya police on suspicion of murder and although in hospital, she remains in police custody as officers progress their enquiries which will include an interview with Ms Efimova concerning the sad and tragic fate of her child.

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