A warrant for the arrest of the Italian man was issued on Tuesday by the Taling Chan Criminal Court on charges alleging the molestation of a minor and taking her from her parents for the purpose of sexual abuse. It follows a police investigation after a formal complaint was made following an incident in February.

An Italian man has been arrested in a western district of Bangkok charged with the sexual molestation of a three-year-old girl last month left in his care.

Officers executed a court arrest warrant issued against a 50 year old Italian named only as Mr Aldo outside the Lino Pizza shop on Sala Thammasop Road in the Thawi Watthana district of Bangkok on Tuesday.

Thai police arrested a 50-year-old Italian man on Tuesday on foot of an arrest warrant issued by the Taling Chan Criminal Court number 98/2564.

It is understood that the arrest is in connection with the sexual molestation of a 3-year-old girl left within his care on February 9th last by the girl’s mother.

The man was apprehended in front of the Lino Pizza premises on the Sala Thammasop Road in the Thawi Watthana district of Bangkok, in the west of the city, on foot of the warrant issued on the same day by the court.

Man only named as Mr Aldo

On Tuesday, police officers did not fully release the name of the Italian man referring to him instead only by his first name as Mr Aldo.

Police revealed that on the evening of February 9th last, the little girl was left at the Italian man’s office where she was playing with his son at around 8 pm.

The Italian then took the children for something to eat before bringing the girl back to his house and later on to her home.

3-year-old girl reportedly told her parents and intimated what happened to her at Mr Aldo’s house

At home, the little girl revealed to her parents that Mr Aldo had used his fingers to touch her genitalia and also used his tongue to molest her. Police say that the girl was able to communicate this to her parents by using gestures.

This resulted in a complaint being filed with the police.

‘The parents said they had let their girl play with the man’s son at his house after he offered to babysit and feed the girl,’ explained a police officer following the arrest of Mr Aldo on Tuesday. ‘Later that day, the girl told her parents that the suspect had allegedly touched and licked her private parts while she was at his house.’

Italian denies the charges against him

After he was arrested, it is reported the Italian vehemently denied the charges. He was taken to Thammasala Police Station for questioning.

The basis for the arrest of the European is based on a charge of molestation of an under 15-year-old and taking the young girl, a minor, from her parents for the purpose of sexual abuse.

The 50-year-old is reported to be resident in the village of Amporn Sala in the Thammasop Sub-District of the Thawi Watthana district of Bangkok.

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