Burmese man drowns after defying red flag warning in Phuket tragedy. Despite warnings, 20-year-old Nay Myo Zaw insisted on swimming and therefore met a tragic end. Beach dangers highlighted.

On Sunday, a 20-year-old Burmese man drowned off Kalim Beach in Phuket. The young man was enjoying a day off with friends when he insisted on swimming off the beach despite a red flag warning. Rescue services were immediately deployed after two men got into difficulty. One was rescued while the body of the second was found later by a marine patrol which arrived to join the search.

Police at the scene on Sunday after 20-year-old Nay Myo Zae was drowned while swimming with a friend off Kalim Beach just north of Patong in Phuket. The swimmers had taken to sea while ignoring a red flag warning about riptides.

On Sunday, a Burmese man lost his life off Kalim Beach in Phuket. The beach is situated just north of Patong Beach.

Twenty-year-old Nay Myo Zae was accompanied by three others. They had come to the rocky beach to relax and play music on a guitar one of them had brought.

Beach not normally an attractive spot for swimming but the men were determined to take a dip despite the presence of red flags warning of rip tides and currents

However, the beach, not normally considered attractive for swimming due to rocks, was flying a red flag. In Phuket, red flags signify danger. Certainly, under such circumstances, it is inadvisable to go swimming.

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In short, it is understood the group had consumed alcohol and two of them decided to go for a swim. Eventually, they were caught by rip currents and taken out to sea.

Patong lifeguards reacted to frantic requests for help from the group left on the beach. 

Afterwards, a search party, including jet skis and a dinghy operated by the Kusoldharm Foundation, rescued one of the men.

Body of Burmese national recovered from sea

Later, a marine rescue boat arrived, and the body of Mr Nay Myo Zaw was retrieved from the sea.

Every year, approximately 30 people die off Phuket’s coasts. While some may involve elderly people or those with medical conditions, many are young people, mainly tourists.

Unfortunately, the problem is the alluring nature of the beautiful beaches.

Holidaymakers are unaware of the dangers lurking within the sea. The powerful currents and rip tides are caused by westerly winds, particularly in the low season. 

The westerly winds blow onto Phuket’s seaside resorts, which are situated predominantly on the western coast of the island, for example, Patong.

Tourists are advised to heed carefully beach flags in Phuket. They are there to help swimmers deal with the particular conditions on the island’s beaches

Undoubtedly, authorities on the island take good care to warn tourists of the danger. In addition to lifeguards and regular beach patrols, there is the flag system.

For example, a yellow flag advises swimmers to be cautious. It suggests moderate surf or currents in the sea. Swimmers are advised to be circumspect.

At the same time, a red flag means what it sounds like. Do not attempt to swim in seas where the flag is flown.

You run the risk of joining the sad roll call of people who regularly perish amidst the beauty of Phuket’s beaches.

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