The death is the second in four months at the popular waterfall and for a similar reason after 26 years Spaniard David Rocamundi Conesa from Barcelona died at the same spot on Saturday 27th July while also taking selfies and photos.

A French tourist was killed on Friday in a needless tragedy brought on by his determination to take a more impressive smartphone selfie at the Na Mueang waterfall on Ko Samui. His death is the second in four months from the same spot and for the same reason following the death of a Spaniard tourist in July.

Police on Friday concluded that 33-year-old Bastien Palmier (inset) had died after he ignored official park warnings and cordon while attempting to take a selfie at the same spot near the Na Mueang 2 Waterfall where 26-year-old Spaniard David Rocamundi Conesa died in July. Police revealed that it took 3 hours and difficult rescue operation to retrieve the Frenchman’s body from the waterfall pool 260 feet below.

 The only difference was that French man, Bastien Palmier ignored warnings and a cordon placed around the edge of the 260-foot precipice to prevent tourists from making the same mistake as the Spaniard did four months previously.

The 33-year old man slipped on the jagged edge of the waterfall and fell to his death 260 feet below but not before hitting off the jagged rock face.

Forehead split open after hitting jagged rocks

He was found by emergency responders working with the Na Mueang Rescue Unit floating face down in the water below with a serious injury to his head.

Reports from the scene suggest that the 33-year old’s forehead had been split open after hitting the precipice on the way down.

The death of the Frenchman follows the death of 26-year-old Spaniard, David Rocamundi Conesa at the exact location in July this year.

Both men had died in the act of taking selfies or posing for photographs on their cell phones.

Shirtless French man wearing in black shorts and glasses when he fell over the edge

Following the death of the Spaniard in July, officials at the park had declared the area near the edge of the waterfall a restricted area and placed a rope cordon around it.

It is understood that Mr Palmier on Friday ignored the warning signs and climbed over the rope to get a more impressive vantage point for his photo selfies.

The French man was shirtless and only wearing black shorts and glasses.

Just like the Spaniard in July, Bastien Palmier slipped and fell over the edge as he posed for photographs.

Accompanied by his childhood friend who had moved to live in Thailand and invited the French man

The French man was accompanied by his childhood pal Mr Thomas Mechin who has recently moved to live in Thailand.

He had invited Bastien to come to Thailand on a holiday to see him in his beautiful new home before the tragedy occurred.

‘Warned him to stay away but he didn’t listen’

He related what happened to Thai police investigating the incident at the scene.

‘Bastien wanted to go further into the prohibited zone that was near the cliff edge,’ he revealed. He said that he had ‘warned him to stay away but he didn’t listen.’

His friend simply climbed over the rope cordon.

Police – French tourist had defied warnings from park officials and a cordon following the Spaniards’s death

Police Lieutenant Colonel Phuwadol Wiriyawarangkul told the media that the French tourist had disobeyed warnings and put his life in danger. 

‘Tourists should not enter the prohibited area, as the park officers have closed it off for the safety of visitors,’ he said. ‘We believe that this death was an accident caused by the tourist violating the restricted area.’ 

The policeman said he understood that the young man was in search of a better position for a selfie-style photograph.

Difficult and dangerous operation to recover the body

The investigating police officer explained that it had taken the local rescue unit three hours to retrieve the French man’s body from the Waterfall pool and haul it up the steep 260 feet incline.

It is understood that this was a tortuous and difficult operation with steep rock formations and slippery surfaces which also made the task itself quite dangerous.

Rescue teams assisted by police used a stretcher with ropes and pulleys to carry out the task.

Tourists warned to heed warnings

Police have made contact with the French embassy so that the family of Mr Palmier were informed of his untimely death and offered assistance.

The police officer has issued a warning to all tourists that it is important to follow instructions by park officials at the popular Ko Samui site in order to stay safe.

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Frenchman ignored cordon, died taking Ko Samui waterfall selfie

+ Frenchman ignored warnings and a cordon as he died taking a selfie at Ko Samui fell 260 feet to his death. The man suffered a severe head injury from rocks. A Spaniard died in the exact same spot in July in similar circumstances. Morris reports from Ko Samui in Surat Thani province

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