Prime Minister Prayuth Chan ocha indicated a May 17th second stage easing of virus lockdown measures as he looked forward to the return of business and tourism in Thailand with a life where people can be confident again. He warned the public to be patient and conscious of public health, at this time, for that to happen.

Thailand’s Prime Minister thanked entrepreneurs and business people on Friday as he revealed that the second stage of reopening of the economy would go ahead on May 17th. He said that the goal of the government was to allow Thai people to be able to live their lives freely again but with confidence that this deadly virus is no longer a threat.

Thailand’s Prime Minister on Friday morning thanked entrepreneurs for their cooperation as the government, step by step, brings Thailand back to normal. He was visiting the Office of the Narcotics Control Board in Bangkok and urged the public to be patient and mindful of public health concerns so that restrictions can be lifted.

On Friday morning, during a visit to the Office of Narcotics Control Board, the Thai prime minister took the opportunity to thank Thai entrepreneurs and business people throughout the kingdom for their cooperation with authorities in introducing measures to curb the Covid 19 virus.

The prime minister was attending the office to speak on Thailand’s ongoing efforts to cut the ground from under evil drug traffickers when he was asked by the media to comment on reports of a further easing of lockdown measures.

Government plans May 17th second step

General Prayuth confirmed that the government is planning a second stage of easing the lockdown measures from Sunday, May 17th.

He suggested that this will involve changes to the measures relating to big business and also public gatherings.

Urged public to have patience in the government as the threat of virus had to be taken seriously

He urged the public and business people to have patience with the government which is operating under budget limits and facing a challenge that had to be taken seriously.

However, he stressed that the goal for the government was to see the country emerge from the situation and return to normal.

Letting people get back to work and generating income, living life with confidence – PM’s vision

The Prime Minister highlighted that a reopening of the economy will allow the public to get back to work and begin generating revenue and income streams.

However, he warned that public health must be borne in mind to prevent a recurrence which would present an even bigger problem for the country.

He stated that the goal of the government was to allow people to get back to living their lives with confidence.

Importance of avoiding conflict stressed 

The PM urged the public and all involved in the current crisis to take care to avoid conflict at this time.

He also highlighted the importance of the country’s cooperation with foreign countries to help alleviate the situation and progress the kingdom’s interests.

Covid security chief announces inspections task force

On Thursday, Thailand’s security supremo during the Covid 19 outbreak, General Pornpipat Benyasri, through spokesperson Major General Thiraphong Pattamasingha Na Ayudhya of the Royal Thai Armed Forces announced an organised approach to the inspection of businesses throughout Thailand involving the military, police and local officials.

He revealed that on Wednesday alone, 13,566 inspections had taken place.

Just above 3.5% were found to need guidance in implementing the strict social distancing and hygiene measures required by the government.

Top man at the Finance Ministry defends government

On Friday also, Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, the Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, robustly defended the ministry’s payment of support to those in need under the government’s financial assistance programme.

He revealed that over 11 million people had already been paid under the scheme. He indicated that by next week, this figure will be 13.4 million.

He explained that a lot of the difficulties encountered related to applicants who had entered incorrect national identification details and that the department was looking at ways to allay this situation.

Politicians criticising Thailand in direct contrast to international praise for the country’s response

Mr Thanakorn took issue with politicians in Thailand criticising the government’s response in part because it is unhelpful but he also pointed out that many countries have expressed praise for Thailand’s success in handling the outbreak thus far.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s agriculture BAAC Bank has revealed that it has facilitated up to 1.8 million people with loans under the government’s support programmes.

Covid 19 centre confirms May 17th date for 2nd step of a 4 step process to be complete by early July

The May 17th, 2nd phase of easing, was also confirmed on Friday by the Covid 19 centre spokesman, Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin.

This will be the second of four steps expected to be completed by early July.

He indicated that a review of the country’s situation would take place on May 13th based on data that would be collected between today and the 12th of May.

A final decision will be taken by the prime minister on May 14th next.

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