Man has been named as Mr Tor Zlatan. The case has now been settled without legal consequences for him after the violent Norwegian paid compensation to the woman and a police fine at a local station. The story has been reported on Thai national TV.

A Norwegian man brutally assaulted a young Thai woman by kicking her severely, twice in the legs, after she mistakenly walked away with his shopping trolley in Ubon Ratchathani province on St Stephen’s Day.

Police in the Warin Chamrap District of Ubon Ratchathani finalised a deal between the Norwegian man, Mr Tor Zlatan, and his victim who initially complained to police she had been kicked severely, twice in the legs, by him causing bruising (inset) at the Big C Shopping Centre in the province in the northeastern region of Thailand. No further action or legal proceedings are being taken in relation to the matter.

A cowardly and intemperate Norwegian man got off lightly this week after he viciously kicked a young Thai woman twice after confusion ensued at a shopping centre in Ubon Ratchathani. The 26 year old Thai woman, named as Ms Aomchan, had been shopping at the local Big C Shopping Centre with her mother and had exited from the store. Momentarily distracted, her mother had taken her trolley and headed for the car, Ms Aomchan then mistakenly took Mr Zlatan’s trolley and headed for a nearby ATM to retrieve some money.

The Thai woman said the trolley contained about 5 or 6 items of shopping.

Forcefully kicked from behind in the leg

She was then forcefully and painfully kicked in the back of her left leg by the Norwegian man and as she turned around to apologise with a wai she was again kicked in the lower part of her right leg.

The force of the assaults and the pain led her to break down crying and immediately seek medical attention at a nearby hospital. She said that Mr Zlatan’s anger and facial expressions had terrified her. Photos have emerged of severe bruising on both of her legs.

The man responsible for the act has been named as Mr Tor Zlatan who police have confirmed is a Norwegian national.

Thai TV reported the incident on Tuesday

The incident, which was aired on Thai TV Channel One on Tuesday was dealt with by police in the Warin Chamrap District of the province where tourist police officers were involved following a formal complaint being made about the assault on the woman.

Under Thailand’s legal system, some matters, even serious criminal matters like this, can be dealt with out of court except the most heinous offences such as murder, attempted murder or where police officers and the relevant officials deem it in the public interest to proceed with a full legal prosecution.

฿30,000 offered in compensation

This is how the Norwegian man got his break as negotiations with the woman ensued with the help of interpreters.

Ms Aomchan demanded ฿40,000 as compensation for the trauma inflicted on her as well as her injuries. Mr Zlatan offered ฿30,000 and it was accepted.

Police also fined him ฿500 for the offence. 

Officers later confirmed that the matter was finally settled and no further legal proceedings would ensue.

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