The latest case highlights the dangers of ‘hostessing’ for young women in Thailand seeking to earn short term cash by serving drinks and performing a PR function at get-togethers where drinks and drugs are often available to party-goers.

Police in Chonburi have detained a final suspect following the arrest of two others on Friday after a young woman claimed to have been raped by three men on Thursday night in the Sattahip area of the province while hostessing for a party.

Three suspects in the case of an unnamed woman from Sa Kaeo Province who was raped three times on Thursday night have now been apprehended by police in Chonburi who have initiated legal proceedings based on rape and drug charges after the 27-year-old hostess filed a complaint with Sattahip Police Station on Friday following her harrowing ordeal at the hands of three men.

Police in Chonburi Province are investigating claims by a 27-year-old woman that she was attacked and raped by three men after they invited her to attend a birthday and serve drinks at a house in the Sattahip district of the province.

The 27-year-old woman, named by police only as ‘Ms Ple’ or ‘Ms B’ is from Sa Kaeo Province in eastern Thailand, bordering Cambodia.

A full investigation into the case is underway after the arrest of two men implicated on Friday while police later sought an arrest warrant for a third man who fled the scene after the house, where the sexual attacks occurred, was raided.

It is understood for the latest reports from Sattahip that he has now also been detained.

Woman invited to work at a drinks party on Thursday night by LINE ‘flirt’ friend for ฿150 per hour

The investigation into the incident is being led by Police Lieutenant Colonel Pattananan Somnuan of Sattahip Police Station.

It is understood that the woman was invited to take part in the party by a man she had befriended and sometimes flirted with on the LINE social network application. 

She agreed to undertake the role for ฿150 an hour with the man she had met online, who was named by police as 27-year-old Krisada or Kit Tocharoen.

The man picked up the woman at her rented apartment on Thursday evening, the 21st of October, and delivered her to the house where the incident occurred in the Bang Saray subdistrict of Sattahip in Chonburi.

Drugs served with alcohol at the party, after three drinks, the house owner assaulted the woman

At the house, she was introduced to two other men, named by police as 31-year-old Channarong or Tung Hiran and 33-year-old Ae Phuangkian.

Mr Tung was the owner of the house.

The party commenced and not only was alcohol served but also crystal methamphetamine or ice as well as marijuana.

The woman told police that after three rounds of drinks, the house owner, Mr Tung, attacked her and forced her into a bedroom where she was raped two times by him.

Her police statement said the two other men in the house then followed him into the bedroom, one at a time, and raped her after Mr Tung was finished.

She said that she eventually fell unconscious. 

Woman told police she did not panic or become hysterical as she was afraid she would be hurt

She explained to police that, even though she was frightened, she had resolved not to cry or panic.

She said she felt utterly humiliated but she feared the men may harm or even kill her if they thought she was determined to report the incident.

She told police that her ordeal lasted from 11 pm on Thursday night until 5 am on Friday morning when Mr Kit, who had also raped her, woke her up and drove her home.

Police on Friday quickly obtained a search warrant and arrested both Mr Kit at his own rented apartment and Mr Tung at his house. It is reported that Mr Ae escaped as police arrived to search the house where the party took place.

He initially fled from the scene of the raid by jumping from a wall.

Police are still gathering evidence related to the case intending to prosecute the three men involved. An arrest warrant was sought in respect for Mr Ae who on Sunday was also reported as having been detained.

Mr Kit has confessed to his part in the attack on the woman and raping her. He was the last of the three to do so.

Man who invited the woman blamed the owner of the house who is already facing drug charges in court

He told police that it was the owner of the house, Mr Tung, who is understood to be currently already before the courts on drug charges, who initiated the attack on the woman.

He revealed that Mr Tung had proclaimed that he liked the young woman before bustling her into his room warning the other men not to follow before he repeatedly raped her.

Further details of the case, which highlight yet again the danger to ‘pretties’ or girls in Thailand who work informally as hostesses serving drinks at parties, were given by Police Colonel Panya Damlek, the Director of Sattahip Police Station.

Owner claims he paid for sex with the woman

He said that Mr Tung had claimed to police officers that he paid over ฿400 for the services of Ms Ple as a prostitute and was therefore denying the charges of rape made against him.

Police will also be pursuing legal proceedings against the men based on the use of illicit narcotics on Thursday night.

In the last two years, there have been several disturbing stories where hired hostesses have died in suspicious circumstances after being paid to attend social gatherings or parties.

Case again highlights the dangerous environment that such hostess workers or ‘pretties’ work in

The case highlights the dangerous world of ‘pretties’ or attractive girls hired for ‘hostess’ work which is often seen as a cover for prostitution, an industry that has always been illegal in Thailand but, in a country with limited economic opportunities, exists alongside other activities through which attractive young men and women seek to earn an income in modelling, product promotion and hostessing roles.

The most recent incident that attracted public attention was the case of a 33-year-old hostess or ‘pretty’ Whitchayaporn Visessombut who died on February 23rd at Paolo Hospital Kaset in Chatuchak after being invited to attend a party at a house in the area owned by a wealthy businessman.

Charges against the hospital which treated ‘pretty’ who died after attending drugs party in Chatuchak

The most high profile incident was the 2019 death of ‘Lunlabelle’ or Thitima Noraphanpiphat whose death led last year to the jailing of six people, all co-workers, found to be involved in a conspiracy to sexually abuse the young woman, a 25-year-old mother of a young daughter.

Death of ‘pretty’ Lunlabelle has caused heartbreak for a Thai family

This followed a party in the Bang Bua Thong area of Nonthaburi province.

Woman says she was approached to change her story

On Sunday, Ms Ple told reporters that she was living in fear over what had happened on Thursday night but was happy that all the men involved had been arrested.

She said she had already been approached by someone on behalf of at least one of the men who had asked her to compromise her story but that she could not as that would mean giving in to what had happened.

It is understood that police are proceeding with criminal charges against the men on rape and drug charges linked to the ill-fated Thursday night party.

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