Police have revealed that the party at a mansion in Chatuchak was attended by up to 10 hired hostesses including Ms Whitchayaporn who were joined by up to seven men. A raid on the fortress type property on February 26th found no one at home except for high-end vehicles parked outside.

A victims support activist has revealed that the Department of Health Services Support at the Ministry of Public Health is to begin proceedings against a Chatuchak hospital in relation to the death of party hostess or ‘pretty’ Whitchayaporn Visessombut who died at the facility on February 23rd last after being rushed from what was reported as a drugs party at a walled mansion nearby attended by nine other paid hostesses and up to seven men. 

charges-against-hospital-pretty-died-at chatuchak-drugs-party
33 year old hostess or ‘pretty’ Whitchayaporn Visessombut who died on February 23rd at Paolo Hospital Kaset in Chatuchak after being brought there from a party at a 4 storey mansion (inset) which police later raided on February 26th but found deserted.

Police at Phahon Yothin Station in Bangkok continue to investigate the death of 33-year-old party hostess Whitchayaporn Visessombut, known as ‘Wawa’ at what is now believed to have been a drugs party on the night of Monday the 22nd of February at a mansion in the Chatuchak area of Bangkok.

However, it has emerged that authorities are preparing to file charges against the hospital that treated her on February 23rd last when she was brought there unconscious by two men in the early hours of the morning. 

Details given by activist Atchariya Ruangrattanapong on Friday after hearing from the health ministry

Details of the development came from crime victim’s activist Atchariya Ruangrattanapong who was called in on the day the young woman died by her family fearing that Ms Whitchayaporn’s story could turn out to be similar to that of ‘Lunlabelle’ or Thitima Noraphanpiphat whose death in 2019 led last year to the jailing of six people, all co-workers, found to be involved in a conspiracy to sexually abuse the young woman, a 25-year-old mother of a young daughter.

Death of ‘pretty’ Lunlabelle has caused heartbreak for a Thai family

Another ‘Pretty’ dies after working as a hostess at a party in Bangkok

On Friday, Mr Atchariya revealed that the Department of Health Services Support is to institute proceedings under the Sanatorium Act against the hospital that treated her on the 23rd February, the Paolo Hospital Kaset in Chatuchak.

Hospital accused of not acting swiftly enough

It is understood that there will be two sets of proceedings. Firstly, under Section 36 of the act for failing to diagnose the woman’s condition in time when she was brought in and in applying triage.

Ms Whitchayaporn died later from respiratory problems.

It was reported hospital staff were told by several men who admitted her, in the early hours of February 23rd, that she had developed an adverse reaction after taking the party drug ecstasy.

Woman was not involved in drugs or prostitution

On Friday, the Chairman of the Crime Victims Assistance Club (CVAC) again underlined the information he had from the woman’s family that she never took illicit drugs nor sold sexual favours.

The second basis for proceedings against the hospital is understood to be under Section 73 of the act after it was discovered the hospital bill for treating the young woman contained a charge for a meal at a cost of ฿400 which she never consumed.

Both charges carry a penalty of up to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of ฿40,000.

The circumstances of the first charge, the alleged delay in treatment, may have had a bearing on the tragic outcome for the young woman and her family.

It may also impact the prospects for bringing criminal charges later in connection with the woman’s death bringing the question of causation into play.

Police continue enquiries into the drugs party at a 4 storey mansion in Chatuchak attended by 10 ‘pretties’

In the meantime, police are still investigating the party at a large 4 story property on the night of February 22nd and the early hours of February 23rd in the Chatuchak area in which, it is believed, 10 women and 5 to 7 men took part. The women were hired as hostesses for the night.

Ms Whitchayaporn was among 4 women who were paid ฿30,000 to attend the event and serve drinks for the night through a model agency run by a woman known as Ms Su. 

10 women hostesses hired from two agencies for the night by the organiser of the party, a ‘Mr Keng’

Police have revealed they received copies of text messages and communications between the victims and the agents showing receipts for the money paid and confirming arrangements for the night.

Another cohort of six women was hired from another agency by the organiser of the party named as a ‘Mr Keng’.

On Friday, February 26th, police launched a raid on the property in Chatuchak and found it empty.

Property had high walls with a parked luxury car 

Officers at the scene noted that the mansion had extremely tall walls surrounding it at 2.5 metres in height.

They also found a luxury car parked on the grounds and a powerful BMW motorbike.

The death of Ms Whitchayaporn who worked as a ‘pretty’ or product presenter, has again raised questions about the murky underworld of Thai society where the provision of high-end ‘hostesses’ is often simply another facet of the country’s wider prostitution industry that also overlaps with the country’s marketing and promotions sector.

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