Parking feud bloodbath! Canadian man and Thai wife brutally murdered by furious neighbour in Khon Kaen. All over simmering parking tensions. Community left horrified.

Long-standing and simmering tensions between a Foreign-Thai couple and a local in Khon Kaen province boiled over in the early hours of Friday morning. It culminated in a double murder. A 36-year-old local neighbour knocked at the door of the Canadian Thai couple and viciously stabbed them to death over an ongoing parking dispute linked to a shared area between their properties.

Police and armed officers at the scene in Ban Thum Khon Kaen on Friday morning after 36-year-old Kachornsak Panyadee (centre) murdered 54-year-old Canadian Michael Nixon and his Thai wife Anurak.

In an appalling incident in Khon Kaen’s Muang district, a Canadian man and his Thai wife met a gruesome end, fatally stabbed by their neighbour in the early hours of Friday.

The incident unfolded at house No. 380 in Moo 10 village, Tambon Ban Thum, in central Khon Kaen when tensions between neighbours escalated into a fatal series of events.

Police chief confirms details of the murder of a Canadian and his Thai wife in the early hours of Friday morning at the hands of a neighbour in Khon Kaen

Afterwards, Deputy Chief Investigator Police Colonel Chaiwanich Kamkamool provided details, stating, ‘The incident occurred at about half past midnight. Upon their arrival, they discovered 54-year-old Michael Nixon and his Thai wife Anurak, a 47-year-old woman, lying dead in front of their two-storey house.’

At length, the accused neighbour, identified as Kachornsak Panyadee, a 36-year-old roti sai mai (cotton candy roti) vendor, surrendered to the police with a one-foot-long sharp-pointed knife, confessing to the heinous crime.

The Canadian man, Michael Nixon, bore three stab wounds in the left and right chests and the abdomen, while his wife, Anurak, was stabbed in the abdomen. Police Colonel Preecha Kengsarikij, a Khon Kaen deputy police chief, revealed that an investigation uncovered an ongoing dispute between the couple and Kachornsak over parking issues in the precincts of their respective properties.

Simmering tensions between the couple and local man erupted after a visit by other foreigners on Thursday night leaving the driveway blocked by vehicles

According to reports, the conflict had been simmering for some time, with Kachornsak expressing frustration about his house’s front being frequently blocked by motorcycles and cars of visitors to the neighbouring couple at night.

Previously, the breaking point came on Thursday night when the couple had foreign guests, exacerbating the already contentious parking situation.

Mr Kachornsak, armed with a knife, waited until after midnight when the guests left. 

He then approached the couple’s house, knocked on the door, and, when Anurak answered, viciously stabbed her. Michael Nixon, rushing to his wife’s aid, suffered three stab wounds in the process. Kachornsak subsequently surrendered to police, admitting to the double homicide.

Police questioning the arrested man further to delve deeper into why he committed a double murder without any prior provocation on Thursday night

The motive behind the horrific killings appears rooted in the longstanding parking dispute, adding a tragic twist to what should have been a mundane neighbourhood disagreement involving a foreign resident.

At the present time, officers are disturbed by the fact that there appears to have been no prior engagement between the parties on Thursday evening or immediate provocation.

As investigators delve deeper into the case, they plan to question Kachornsak further to unravel the complete story behind this senseless act of violence. 

Meanwhile, the accused has been charged with murder, while a comprehensive investigation report for prosecutors is prepared.

Certainly, this tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of how seemingly minor disputes can escalate into devastating violence, leaving a community in shock and mourning the loss of two lives.

The Khon Kaen city community is now coming to terms with the aftermath of this horrifying event, seeking answers and understanding amid disturbing questions raised by the brutal crime.

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