Thai police swiftly arrested Anuwat Pimmat, 21, for murder, body concealment and theft after he strangled Benjarat Choeijan, 21, during a quarrel on a road trip. The suspect was found dining with another woman at a restaurant in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Thai police on Monday finalised charges of murder, concealment of a body, and night theft against an online Romeo who murdered one of his girlfriends in a brutal response to a quarrel on a road trip in Prachuap Khiri Khan on Monday, June 3rd. The body of 21-year-old Benjarat Choeijan was discovered on Friday in Phetchaburi. It took the police less than three days to arrest their suspect. At length, 21-year-old Anuwat Pimmat, who has a wife in Bangkok, was found having dinner with a new romantic partner.

Photos released by Phetchaburi show the killer driving the pickup he later tried to sell online (Right). The murder victim, Benjarat Choeijan, or ‘Nong Cream,’ lived in Phuket but hailed from Nong Khai (inset). Police and armed forces bring the murder accused back to where he discarded the body of the young woman on June 3rd, just one week earlier. (Source: Phetchaburi Police)

Provincial Police from Phetchaburi rudely interrupted the dinner date of a murder suspect on Sunday night.

Anuwat Pimmat, 21, was located in the Bang Saphan District of Prachuap Khiri Khan at a restaurant with a young woman.

The mission was the execution of a Provincial Court arrest warrant 221/67 issued the same day for murder and the concealment of a body.

This resulted from quick police work following the discovery of a woman’s remains, identified as 21-year-old Benjarat Choeijan, last Friday.

Grim discovery made near a busy highway in Phetchaburi of the body of 21 year old woman who lived in Phuket identified as Nong Cream or Benjarat Choeijan

The grim discovery was made in the Khao Yoi district of Phetchaburi on Friday. The location was just off a main highway.

Ms Benjarat or ‘Nong Cream’ as she was known to her friends and family, was in a relationship with Mr Anuwat until she was brutally murdered by him on Monday, June 3, according to reports.

The pair had met on a dating app and became close during the Songkran holiday in April.

On Monday, as police at Khao Yoi Police Station interrogated the suspect, there was some commotion as the mother of Nong Cream called for justice.

In short, she demanded the death sentence for the man who killed her daughter. ‘Why did you kill my child?’ she screamed as senior police officers escorted the suspect within the building.

The investigation was led by Police Colonel Thip Khengkum, the station superintendent. In particular, there was a reenactment of what happened at the scene where the body of the young woman was found last Friday.

Dating app Romeo claimed he murdered the woman in a fit of anger after she made sure his wife in Bangkok knew she was with him on their road trip together

In brief, Mr Anuwat claimed he killed the young woman in a fit of anger.

At length, he explained that he had flown from Bangkok to Phuket on the weekend before the murder.

Ms Benjarat lived in Phuket although she was originally from Nong Khai province.

Indeed, the active young woman had met him at the airport. He had stayed at a resort on the island on Sunday, June 2, while Ms. Benjarat met him the next day.

Darkly sinister murder suspect arrested by police on Friday after a nationwide manhunt over 5 days
Murder accused was before the courts in May on rape charges. His latest victim was a prosecution witness

She was dressed attractively in a T-shirt and shorts. They were the clothes she was to die in.

The couple planned to collect a pickup truck in Prachuap Khiri Khan province and deliver it to Ms Benjarat’s former boyfriend in Bangkok.

In short, everything was going according to plan as they drove in the truck in the Sam Roi Yot district of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

After that, there was a phone call. In short, it was Mr Anuwat’s wife in Bangkok.

Girlfriend began speaking loudly in a deliberate act while speaking with his wife. After that, a violent quarrel ensued in which the woman slapped his face

On Monday, the suspect told the police that while he was speaking with his wife, his new girlfriend deliberately began speaking loudly. This was in the early hours of the morning or in the darkness.

She wanted her boyfriend’s wife to know she was there. After the call, Ms. Benjarat and Mr Anuwat quarrelled violently during which the young woman slapped him across the face.

In turn, the Thai man from Prachuap Khiri Khan strangled her to death.

Afterwards, the man continued driving but at Samut Songkhram he did a U-turn and turned the pickup truck back towards Phetchaburi.

Investigating police were subsequently able to track the suspicious black pickup and its driver.

Quick and successful investigation by police

Over the weekend, just before the arrest of Mr Anuwat, they had produced a clear CCTV photo of the wanted man. He was quickly identified and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On Monday, he was taken by police under heavy armed guard including elite units to where the body was found in Khao Yoi District in Phetchaburi.

He explained the sequence of events in complete detail. In turn, police have finalised charges against him.

In addition to murder and concealment of a body, the accused is also being charged with ‘theft at night’.

At length, this comes following the discovery by police investigators that the accused was preparing to sell and dispose of the pickup truck online via a marketplace. Police discovered photos and plans for such a course of action.

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