A 63-year-old woman hired a 48-year-old hitman to slaughter her estranged 58-year-old husband on October 5th for a fee of ฿40,000. She told police she only wanted her husband maimed and her instruction to murder him was a misunderstood joke.

Thai police in Chiang Mai are understood to be investigating the possibility that they may have uncovered a mass murderer after arresting a woman who hired a hitman to kill her husband.

Chiang Mai Police arrested a hitman paid by Ms Bualoi Tala to murder her husband on October 5th. This has led to a probe into up to six further cases involving insurance payouts where Ms Bualoi was the nominated beneficiary.

Thai police in Chiang Mai are investigating a petite Thai woman who they believe may, in fact, be a fiendish mass murderer.

63-year-old Bualoi Tala was arrested by police in recent days in connection with the brutal murder of her ex-husband on Monday, October 5th last. The 58-year-old man was attacked and his face and neck slashed, leading to his death.

Police tracked the woman down through phone records on the arrested hitman’s mobile

Police later arrested a 48-year-old man named as Pankaew Khankaew.

Mr Pankaew, it quickly emerged, had been hired as a hitman to carry out the brutal slaying of the older man. The person that hired him was the victim’s former wife, Ms Bualoi, who police linked to the case through phone records on the hitman’s phone.

She had paid ฿40,000 to have her ex-husband slaughtered.

When questioned by police, she denied that she had ordered the murder of her husband although she admitted she had paid the money to Mr Pankaew.

She told police that she only intended to have her husband badly injured or crippled for life. She said that her instruction to the hitman to kill her husband was a joke which was misunderstood.

Police discovered a policy that paid out on her husband’s death but the story got even more shocking

Police quickly identified that Ms Bualoi’s motive for the killing, as well the alleged slights and disputes with her husband, which she raised, was an insurance policy worth hundreds of thousands of baht payable to her on her husband’s death.

This then led police to discover that there had been up to six other instances where Ms Buloi had been named as a beneficiary in similar life insurance policies which paid out.

All six victims, according to police, had died from poisoning of some nature.

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