Thai police in Loei this week arrested a 40 year old sex fiend. The 40 year old man named only as ‘Manop’ broke into a young woman’s house,  disabled her lights and emerged from under her bed with a 6 inch knife when she arrived home from work at 4 am. The man intended to tie the woman to her own bed and rape her.  Luckily, the 22 year old managed to fight off her naked attacker and raise the alarm.

A hardworking young Thai woman was subjected to something like a movie night mare scene this week when she arrived home from work at 3 am. The 22 year old first discovered her lights not working. Then, suddenly, a naked pervert emerged from under bed with a 6 inch knife. The crazed attacker was later revealed to have tied ropes at both ends of her bed. Before stripping off and lying in wait for the young woman, police later discovered that the sex fiend had been wearing clothes of all black and red underwear.

Thai police are reportedly still to be interrogated the deranged man who perpetrated a serious attack on a young 22 year old Thai woman at 4 am in the morning this week. The man had broken into her house, stripped from his black cloths and red underwear and lay in wait naked under her bed with a 6 inch kitchen knife. The young woman manged to escape the would be rapist after a 10 minute violent struggle that left her traumatized both physically and mentally.

A Thai 40 year old Thai man and drug user hid under a young woman’s bed with a knife planning to rape her when she returned in the early hours of the morning from her work as a waitress. The evil predator had even tied ropes to the top and end of the bed in order to subjugate his victim.

Dangerous Thai sex attacker hid under a Thai woman’s bed awaiting her return from work

Thai police have revealed that the demented man broke into the home of the 22 year old woman in Thailand’s Loei province in the early hours of Monday morning last. Loei province is in northeastern Thailand. There, he took off all his clothes and slithered under the woman’s bed to await her return from work. It is reported that the man is a close neighbour of the young woman.

‘Manop’ lived within 10 metres of the woman’s home and is being held by Thai police

This week, Thai police arrested the assailant. He has been named by local press as ‘Manop’ although we do not have a full name as of yet. He was living quite close to the woman’s abode. It is reported that the proximity between the two homes was only 10 meters.

Evil intentions abundantly clear

After his arrest by Thai police, he confessed to the bizarre crime although his evil intentions were abundantly clear. He told the Royal Thai Police that he broke into the woman’s house, stripped off and took up his position hiding under her bed. He was armed with a knife. He had managed to access the woman’s home through her back door. The police are continuing to interrogate the man. They are convinced that he intended to rape the young woman or even commit more heinous acts.

Manop confessed to the Thai police that his clear intention was to rape the young woman. His preparatory ropes tied to the end of her bed indicate exactly the sort of ordeal he had in mind for the young woman. Except it didn’t work entirely according to his vile plan.

First thing Thai woman discovered was that her electric lights didn’t work at 4 am

Reports from local press suggest that the young woman arrived back home at 4 am. She was tired and worn out, having worked a long night time shift at the local restaurant where she works. The first thing she discovered amiss was that her lights were not working as she entered her bedroom.

Sex fiend was carrying a 6 inch kitchen knife to subdue and abuse 22 year old woman

It appears that then, the madman emerged from beneath her bed. The woman grappled with him after he lunched. The man was carrying a 6 inch kitchen knife to subdue and abuse the 22 year old Thai woman. The man attempted to grab hold of her. The young woman engaged in a vicious struggle with the attacker in what must have been a nightmarish scenario. She suffered some cuts and bruises in the struggle.

10 minutes fighting for her life after a hard night’s work at a local restaurant

The engagement between the woman and her crazed sex attacker lasted a full ten minutes. The Thai woman was fighting for her life. She finally was able to break free from the man and ran outside where she screamed for help while the attacker fled.

Sick attacker wore all black clothes and red underwear before he stripped naked

After forcing the sex creep to flee, the brave Thai woman called Thai police to the scene. There, they found the attacker’s clothes as well as the knife, shoes and condoms. When they searched the man’s pants they found three methamphetamine pills which may give some explanation for the man’s extraordinary but nevertheless disgusting behavior.

Even more bizarre were the attackers clothes which were all black in color with red underwear.

Young Thai woman was cut on the cheek and suffered minor head trauma during ordeal

It is reported that the young woman sustained a cut to her left cheek. She also experienced trauma to her head although doctors do not think it serious. The young woman had, during the struggle, fallen violently to the floor impacting her head in the violent struggle with the sex attacker.

Women’s attacker had monitored and planned the incursion according to Thai police

Thai police boss Major General Reungyot Phudanu commented to the media after viewing the scene of the attack. He said that it was quite likely that the attacker was known to the woman. He believed that the attacker had been monitoring her and planning the intrusion and rape of the woman for quite a while.  

Local man found masturbating on election poster of Thai female candidate in Lampang

Meanwhile in Thailand’s northern province of Lampang another disturbing report has emerged. Local motorists have reported dashcam footage of an elderly Thai man masturbating near an election poster of a local female candidate who as been described as good looking. The footage was taken last Sunday.

The man is reported to be 60 to 70 years of age. The incident was recorded in the Thung Fair area of the province. The man was reportedly using his left hand with which he pressed against the poster while then withdrawing it and using to masturbate.

Locally some people report that the elderly man does this at all Thai elections

Locals in the area report that the man has been seen engaging in this activity on numerous occasions. He is also believed to have made it a habit during previous Thai elections. When filmed for a local news report, he is seen disengaging from his disgusting acts. The video has gone viral.