BANGKOK TRAGEDY – Lorry driver told Thai police that he was powerless to avoid the tragedy. Even as he swerved immediately, the child in his baby walker hit the rear left wheels of his truck. The mother of the infant was found in tears cradling her infant son

Thai police in Samut Prakan province on the southern realms of Bangkok’s metropolis are investigating a terrible tragedy that occurred last Thursday afternoon. An eight month old baby boy was crushed to death when his baby walker somehow managed to force its way past a gate fence on to a busy road just as a heavy truck was en route.

The infant boy had been playing near his mother within his home before the incident occurred. The child was exercising on an a baby walker when it pushed open a 1 metre high barrier which also served as a gate and rolled on to the road just as a heavy truck was approaching.

Shocking incident on Thursday afternoon south of Bangkok saw mother cradling her crushed infant outside her home as rescue workers arrived

The distraught Thai mother, 30 year old Wilawan Pitpan, was found cradling her son identified as Nontawant Saingam. She told police that she thought her son was safe as the 1 metre gate/fence was in place. She was text messaging her sister on an app when the fence opened leaving the walker to move on to the street causing the tragedy. Later there were harrowing scenes as the child’s father prayed and weeped as the infant boy’s body was laid on a table where emergency medics examined him. The 61 year old driver of the 10 wheeler truck, Sanan Sopapong, explained to Thai police that there was nothing he could do even as he tried to swerve to avoid hitting the the child in the walker as it rolled into the street suddenly.

The shocking incident occurred in the afternoon. Thai police at Phra Samut Jaedee received notification to attend at half past two. Police and rescue workers who rushed to the reported accident met a sad and deeply upsetting scene. The disintegrated baby walker was on the road and nearby, the distraught and crying mother of the child was cradling her fatally injured son. He had been impacted by the rear of a ten wheeler truck which had been travelling along the road.

Driver of heavy truck awaited Thai police

The mother was named as 30 year old Wilawan Pitpan and her son was identified as Nontawant Saingam. The 61 year old driver of the heavy duty truck, Sanan Sopapong, awaited the police to explain what had transpired. His truck was parked just 5 metres away from the anguished mother and her dead child.

Mother had been talking with her sister on a chat app as child played behind the gate/fence

The mother of the child explained to police that she had been engaged in a text conversation via an online app with her sister. The child was within her sight and thought to be secure within the perimeter of the shop house which she and her husband had rented for the last three years. Unfortunately, the temporary fence which also served as a gate, designed to keep her child secure, fell away after the infant and his walker somehow forced it. The mother explained that the infant boy had somehow pushed his way out with his walker and rolled onto the road running directly parallel to the shop house. The shop house is located on Soi Suksawatat. It is operated as an air conditioning service shop named as Thidarat Air Service as well as being home to the family. The father of the infant was later seen weeping as the body of the little toddler was a laid on a table as medics examined his condition.

Driver tried to swerve but truck was too large

The driver of the ten wheel truck explained to investigating police that he was driving from a housing estate when quite suddenly, the baby and his roller appeared to be coming onto the road. He made an attempt to swerve in order to avoid the child but the truck was simply too big and the distance too small. The baby and its walker were hit by the left rear wheels, killing the child instantly.

Local Thai police are continuing to investigate the incident.