Car overturned near a local temple as the 47-year-old Ranger volunteer made his escape from the scene of a double murder. He is still on the run with a manhunt currently underway.

Police are searching for a paramilitary volunteer who murdered his wife and mother in law in Songkhla on Thursday night using an M16 rifle and later hijacked a motorbike to escape after overturning his car in a frantic dash from the murder scene.

The overturned Toyota Vios car registration number Kor 4446 from where the 47-year-old paramilitary volunteer, Peerapat Onchat, hijacked a motorbike from local villagers after murdering his estranged wife and mother-in-law earlier.

On Thursday night, a 47-year-old volunteer with the Thai military’s Ranger corps in the southern province of Songkhla murdered his 38-year-old wife and his mother in law before taking flight in a Toyota Vios car which overturned shortly afterwards on a nearby roadway.

The incident occurred at 10.10 pm and is being investigated by police at Saba Yoi Police Station where Police Colonel Army Senathip is leading both efforts to establish exactly what happened and a manhunt for the chief suspect in the case, Volunteer Ranger Peerapat Onchat, also known as Anne.

Manhunt for armed ranger armed with an M16 rifle after he hijacked a motorbike on the highway 

It is understood that local police and counter-surveillance border personnel have been deployed in the search for the fugitive who is believed to have confronted locals after his white sedan car overturned in front of the local Wat Bayo temple in the area.

Mr Peerapat is armed with an M16 rifle and fled the scene of the car accident after he hijacked a motorbike from passing locals from a nearby village. 

The incident occurred in the Saba Yoi District of Songkhla.

Uncontrollable jealousy drove the man to launch a murderous attack on his wife and her mother

Police have begun examining the scene of the twin murder which is believed to have occurred when the paramilitary officer confronted his wife, Ms Juthamas Sribang, over the status of their relationship.

A violent argument is reported to have erupted between the woman and the man, consumed by jealousy.

He left and returned with the 9mm M16 rifle and shot her twice in the head near the door of the home.

She was found by police in a sitting position.

He also shot 58-year-old Riam Sribang, his wife’s mother, inside and her body was found face down on the floor of the house.

Teenager taken to hospital with multiple wounds

The deranged man also shot the elderly woman’s 17-year-old granddaughter, named by police as Ms Sunisa Suchasen.

She was shot in the right shoulder and wrist in the violent and uncontrolled barrage.

The teenager was taken initially to Saba Yoi Hospital but was later transferred to Songkhla Hospital.

Officers retrieved five spent 9mm casings from the scene as well as one round of ammunition.

Police revealed that Mr Peerapat was a serving paramilitary officer stationed at the Suan Kaew Temple in the Yaha District of Yala province, further south of last Thursday’s outrage. 

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