The tragic death of a young Thai woman, 26 year old Wannipa Chanhuaton, at the hands of the UK man formerly convicted of rape and violent assault in the UK, resulted in his conviction for negligently causing her death in 2018. The young Thai woman had fallen from the balcony of Vella’s luxurious condominium in Pattaya reportedly while the couple were engaged in sexual activity. Vella immediately fled the scene taking the woman’s mobile phone before later being arrested by Thai police.

A convicted rapist and former member of the British armed forces who was involved in the death of a Thai woman, will be sentenced for the sales and distribution of crack cocaine and heroin on July 8th in the United Kingdom. 27 year old Reece Vella was released from prison in Thailand weeks ago and pleaded guilty to the charges on June 4th last. In January 2018, after he had fled the same charges in 2017, Vella was staying at luxury condominium unit in Thailand in the ‘sin city’ of Pattaya when a Thai woman, believed to be working as a prostitute, fell to her death from his room.

The former British armed forces member was jailed in Thailand In January 2018 after a Thai woman, 26 year old Wannipa Chanhuaton (Top right) died following a fall from the UK man’s luxury condo in Pattaya. The UK man and the Thai woman, reported to be a prostitute, were according to Vella having passionate sex when the tragedy occurred. Vella fled from the condo taking the woman’s mobile phone until he was tracked down and arrested by Thai police. The UK man had already served a prison sentence in the United Kingdom for rape and assault after he became jealous at party and attacked a women. UK police officers from Worcester CID escorted him home to the UK in recent weeks and on June 4th, he pleaded guilty to drug dealing involving heroin and crack cocaine. He will be sentenced on July 8th next. Vella arrived in Thailand in 2017 after he fled trial before a UK Crown Court on the same charges. He is now facing a prison term of between seven to fourteen years in prison.

A dangerous UK drugs dealer jailed in Thailand in connection with the mysterious death of a Thai prostitute in January 2018 will finally face sentencing by a Crown court in the United Kingdom on July 8th in connection with the sale and distribution of class A controlled drugs including crack cocaine and heroin in the UK prior to his flight to Thailand in 2017.

He  pleaded guilty to the offences on June 4th at Worcester Crown Court after UK police officers from South Worcester CID traveled to Thailand and returned him to British jurisdiction. Vella was released from Thai prison, handed over to the UK police and immediately deported. He will never be allowed to return to Thailand again. The UK man is now facing a sentence of between 7 years and 14 years in a UK prison.

Former British armed services member fled to Thailand in 2017 to avoid trial on drugs charges

Reece Vella, a 27 year old man who once served in the British armed forces in the Royal Logistics Corps, had fled the UK before a court in October 2017 was due to hear a case in which he was charged with the same drug offences. He has now pleaded guilty to these charges. While in Thailand, it was not long before the UK man was up to his criminal ways as he found his way to Pattaya. In recent days in Worcester, following Mr Vella’s guilty plea and arrival back home, many locals in the UK midlands city have expressed no surprise at what transpired when Reece Fella arrived in Thailand from personal knowledge and experience of the man, quite apart from his existing criminal record.

Vella was already a convicted rapist

In 2012, Reece Vella was sentenced to four years and nine months at a young offenders institution in the United Kingdom for the rape and assault of a teenager. It is reported that the rape occurred after Mr Vella became angry and jealous while attending a party. After his release, he was later arrested for drug distribution by CID police in the UK.

In Pattaya, he was involved in the mysterious death of a Thai prostitute who fell from the balcony of his luxury condo in the city

This sequence of events in the UK unfortunately led to the death of a young Thai woman in Pattaya in January 2018. 26 year old, Wannipa Chanhuaton, is believed to have been working as a prostitute in the city when she met Reece Vella. He was staying at The Cosy Beach View complex, a modern and luxurious apartment development in the popular seaside resort. Thai police, at the time, reported that the UK man had paid the Thai woman ฿1,500 (£35) for sex.

Vella fled the condo after the Thai woman fell taking her mobile phone with him

At Vella’s high rise apartment, it is understood that the Thai woman was engaged in sexual activity with Vella when her body plunged to the ground. She was fully undressed. Vella’s story to the police in Thailand was that she had fallen from the balcony at the apartment while in the throes of a passionate, physical encounter. The UK man however, immediately fled the scene of the tragedy taking with him the young woman’s mobile phone.

Young woman was found naked on the ground and suffering from fatal injuries

The naked young Thai woman was found by emergency services on the ground. She was still alive but when taken to hospital, she succumbed due to severe head injuries and multiple fractures. Thai police immediately began to search for the UK man, Mr Reece Vella, reported as staying in the unit.

Vella explained to the Pattaya police that he feared arrest for overstaying visa

When arrested, he explained that he had fled the scene of the incident as he knew that his tourist visa was already out of date and he feared that he would be arrested. The UK man was indeed arrested for a visa overstay offence as well as the theft of the Thai woman’s smartphone and negligence leading to her death. This followed an autopsy on the body of the victim by Thai police authorities. ‘They were having very strange, extravagant sex on the balcony until she fell down below and died. Mr Vella was in shock and, knowing he had overstayed his visa, ran away,’ a senior Thai police officer, linked with the case, informed the UK Times newspaper just after his arrest in Pattaya.

UK man’s idyllic life in Thailand turns to nightmare in one fit of passion