The video appears to herald a change in mood and approach from the government which has begun to emphasise efforts to save the foreign tourism industry in the last few months as economic planners battle to begin the recovery from last year’s 6.1% contraction which was a major setback to the kingdom’s long term economic plans.

Thailand’s Tourism Authority of Thailand has released a video telling foreign tourists how much the kingdom and its people miss them as the country gears up to reopen to mass tourism at the end of the year. The battle to reopen now depends on the successful rollout of a large number of vaccines particularly to key tourist hotspots and measures worldwide which are expected to see the emergency recede during the summer.

The new promotional video in English featuring a female voice and the message ‘Miss You, with love from Thailand’, appears to be aimed at potential visitors to Thailand who have been here before. The video paints an idyllic picture of beautiful scenery and the relationship between the Thai people and foreign visitors. Market research on social media sites shows that there are up to 7 million westerners who have a relationship with Thailand and visit the country repeatedly. The new video is said to coincide with current plans to reopen the kingdom to normal tourism and passenger traffic from October 1st next.

As final deliberations get underway for a reopening of Thailand to foreign tourists by October 1st with more expedited plans in the pipeline for Phuket and Ko Samui, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has just released an emotional and heartwarming video telling foreign tourists how many Thai people miss them and wish to see them return to the Land of Smiles.

The 2-minute video, said to be released on international TV channels and media outlets controlled by Thailand’s tourism promotion agency, features a paper aeroplane and an aerial journey across Thailand to show the country’s beautiful scenery and meet the people who long to see the return of foreigners to the kingdom once again.

It is titled ‘Miss You. With all the love from Thailand’.

Economy recovery in 2021 is a priority

It comes as Thailand has begun to place more of an emphasis on economic recovery this year to make up for the 6.1% contraction suffered in 2020.

Thailand must reopen to foreign tourists from October 1st 

There are also fears that the still moribund foreign tourism sector could develop into a significant problem if hard-pressed business concerns are not rescued with time and the resources to prevent a collapse now running out.

‘Hello, there. We miss you so much!’

The video introduces Auntie Toi, the wok maker, Nut the barista and Uncle Pong, the potter in an idealized vision of Thailand’s tourism industry based on visitors who seek rural serenity and a more laid back way of life. The video ends with the familiar Amazing Thailand slogan. 

‘Hello, there. We miss you so much! It’s been a while, how are you? You know, Thailand has something to tell you. The scenery is so much more amazing, and we look forward to welcoming you back. Waiting for your tight hugs, your pondering moments, your attention, your quality time well spent. Here in our country, people await your return,’ says a female voiceover that is sure to be music to the ears of the up to 7 million westerners who regularly visit Thailand and claim to have a relationship or links to the country according to worldwide social media research.

Decisions on easing restrictions and opening up to come from next week with herd immunity the key

The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) meets this week to consider relaxing conditions of entry into the country with a range of proposals now being finalised and due to be placed before it.

This is said to include a full resumption of air passenger traffic and arrivals from October 1st without restriction, a scheme to allow tourists to return to Phuket and possibly Ko Samui from the July 1st with expedited vaccination of the local population and relaxation of the quarantine period from 14 days to 7 for vaccinated passengers.

The proposal to reopen the country is based on achieving herd immunity. There is concern at how long this will take to attain in Thailand. 

Hopes that the Covid-19 threat and emergency will begin to recede during the summer with vaccinations

The plan also assumes that, worldwide, the Covid-19 emergency will begin to recede during the summer and that the world air traffic system will resume normal operations perhaps underpinned by a vaccine passport system. 

Qatar Airways is reported to be the first world airline to begin using the International Air Transport Association (IATA) ‘Travel pass’ system and is already targeting prospective passengers to Bangkok once the kingdom opens up after October 1st.

Top virologist urges the government to buy more vaccines from more varied sources and to aim for a 70% inoculation rate to be sure of herd immunity

The government is currently planning to vaccinate 54% of the population by the end of the year with 63 million doses, mainly of the AstraZeneca vaccine, while the country’s top virologist, Dr Yong Poovorawan, has called for this to be increased to 70% urging the government to buy more and varied vaccine doses, something that is thought to be in the pipeline.

Health scares and pauses in the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine last week and even up to Sunday with a complete pause being announced in Ireland and Norway based on heightened fears over further cases of blood clotting may yet see the kingdom’s vaccination plans being further complicated.

The latest news is that the use of the 117,300 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine delivered to Thailand on February 24th last has been given the all-clear but this could change in a situation that is fast developing.

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