The new Thai Queen graduated from Assumption University in Bangkok in 2000. After working for a number of airlines including Thai Airways, she joined the Thai Army in 2010 beginning her military career as a second Lieutenant. She rose through the ranks to become a highly decorated army General in December 2016. The Queen has participated and excelled in some of the toughest as well as the most demanding army courses and regimens designed by the Thai military including close combat training. The Thai Queen, who is 41 years old this June, can also fly a number of aircraft.

On May 1st this year, the new Thai King Vajiralongkorn surprised the nation by marrying his fourth wife and elevating the 41 year old as Thailand’s Queen days before the Royal Coronation ceremonies were due to begin. Queen Suthida was also coronated during those ceremonies on the 4th May 2019. The Queen’s birthday took place in Thailand on the 3rd June and has sparked a nationwide campaign to celebrate the life of the woman who now stands beside Thailand’s monarch. Prior to the Queen’s birthday celebrations this week, the Royal Household issued an official biography detailing the consort’s career to date. It follows a surge in interest and speculation on the life of Queen Suthida which has captured the imagination of audiences not only in Thailand but worldwide. Not least because Thailand’s new Queen had, prior to her elevation to her new role, already become an accomplished and highly decorated army officer who rose through the ranks from second Lieutenant in 2010 to Thai Army General at the end of 2016.

Thailand’s Queen Suthida was named as Consort by Thai King Vajiralongkorn before the coronation ceremonies on May 1st 2019. The move was an uplifting surprise for the Thai public. The 41 year old Queen Consort was coronated on May 4th 2019. Her story is an inpsiring one not only for Thai women, but women everywhere in the world. Graduating from university with a Communications Arts degree from Assumption University in Bangkok, the future Queen of Thailand, originally from Hat Yai n Songkhla province, began work as a flight attendant. In 2010, she switched careers joining the Thai army as second lieutenant. Over six years later, she was a highly accomplished and decorated army general. The Thai Queen has trained and excelled at many of the most rigorous regimens and disciplines that the Thai army has devised including close combat training and the flight of aircraft.

Thailand’s new Queen Consort, Her Majesty Queen Suthida Bajrasudhabimalalakshana celebrated her birthday this week on Monday 3rd June. The Thai nation celebrates the new Queen who was named by the Thai King on May 1st, days before his coronation.

The new Queen is the fourth wife of Thailand’s King and was born on the 3rd June 1978 in the southern Thai province of Songkhla in Hat Yai.

Thailand’s new Queen began her remarkable career as an airline flight attendant

The new Queen has had a remarkable career prior to her elevation to as consort to Thailand’s King. The Queen graduated from Assumption University in Bangkok in 2000 with a degree of Communication Arts. She worked as a flight attendant on Jalways Airlines which later become part of Japan Airlines. She later went on to work at Thai Airways from 2000 until 2008.

From a junior army officer in 2010 to commanding officer of an army training school in 2013

The Queen first joined the Thai army on May 14th 2010. She began her military career as a second Lieutenant in the Thai army. It was a career in which she flourished. In 2010, the Queen was reported to have been an operations officer at the Royal Guard Unit of the army. She was later to become a deputy battalion commander and then the commanding officer of the Training Battalion at the King’s Guard School.

In 2013, the future Queen was made deputy commanding officer of the school and later commanding officer.

New Queen became an army general in 2016

Beginning as a lowly second lieutenant, Queen Suthida rose through the ranks in an inexorable climb to become General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya on the 1st December 2016 by royal appointment. The new Queen was appointed to the household guard of the then Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn in 2014.

In 2017, the Queen became Deputy Chief Aide de Camp to His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn and later Deputy Commander of the Royal Security Command.

Queen has participated and excelled in some of toughest training courses and regimens developed by the Thai armed forces

The new Queen of Thailand has a long list of impressive achievements as a military officer. She has completed many of the toughest training courses developed by the Thai armed forces including rigorous field training and military exercises. The new Queen has participated in these demanding regimens alongside male members of the armed forces trained to the highest level.

Thai Queen consort can fly a number of  aircraft

As part of the Queen’s advanced training for working in the Royal Security Services, she has trained in courses and programs designed by the Thai Special Warfare School in Lopburi. The new Queen Consort has trained in parachuting, close combat, jungle warfare and firearms training. The Queen can also pilot a range of aircraft.

Public and Thailand and worldwide highly interested in the story of Queen Suthida

Since her elevation as Thai Queen, many Thai people have been interested in finding out more about the beautiful and accomplished woman by the new King’s side on official duties. This has caused a surge in online searches and articles on the new consort. In addition, many foreign media outlets have penned profiles of the new Thai Queen detailing her extraordinary career and rise to her current station.

June celebrations for Her Majesty’s birthday

In Thailand, for the new Queen’s birthday, her portrait is visible everywhere on buildings and in offices throughout the kingdom. The new Queen has her own coat of arms and many of the photographs are decorated in purple and yellow accoutrements.

On Monday the 3rd June, ceremonies began everywhere in Thailand marking the 41st birthday of Queen Suthida. Many books have been opened at officials centers for the Thai public and visitors to wish Her Majesty a Happy Birthday in addition to Buddhist merit making cemeteries and candlelight vigils.

Coronation of Rama X a new start for Thailand as King gives the country a new Queen in a surprise